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Jesse Lemisch started a thread on H-OIEAHC when he shared a family statement announcing the death of Alfred F. Young on November 6. The post was soon followed by an outpouring, prompting the Institute to invite additional remembrances to be published in an online tribute to Al Young. Reproduced below are H-OIEAHC listserv posts, submissions sent directly to the Institute, excerpts from personal correspondence that came to the editors’ attention, and blog entries. Gary B. Nash composed the introductory essay.

Alfred F. Young

Alfred F. Young. Photo by Diana Rasche. Courtesy, Emily Young.

Young family

Al, his wife Marilyn, and their three daughters (left to right) Emily, Elizabeth, and Sarah in April 2010. Photo by Jacqueline Fritsch. Courtesy, Emily Young.

Young with a Kindle

Al with a Kindle on his eighty-seventh birthday.
Courtesy, Emily Young.