We publish outstanding scholarship.

The William and Mary Quarterly is the leading journal of early American history, an interdisciplinary academic publication that has featured history, political science, art history, literature, architecture and material culture, and digital humanities. Over one million user sessions accessed the WMQ last year, making it among the top 3 percent of the now 17,000 journals housed in JSTOR. One of the 10 founding journals in JSTOR, the WMQ has a subscription list of over 3,500 people and institutions, including nearly 400 located outside the United States.

The OI Books program has published more than 200 volumes; many of our books are regarded as classics and are regularly adopted for classroom use at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. OI books, released at an average rate of five per year, have received close to 150 major commendations, including a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Award, six Bancroft Prizes, and two Frederick Douglass Book Prizes. We have also published significant scholarly editions, including The Papers of John Marshall and The Law Papers of St. George Tucker.

As part of our commitment to excellent scholarship, we partner with William & Mary’s Lyon G. Tyler Department of History and the American Studies Program to administer the Editorial Apprenticeship Program. This decades-long program introduces entering graduate students to the practices of scholarly publishing and historical editing.

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