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By OI · November 09, 2022

11th Annual Rio de la Plata Workshop Schedule (Revised)

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Download the Schedule PDF

NOTE: Due to inclement weather, please refer to the revised schedule below.

Opening Lecture – Friday, February 21st, Tucker Hall, 127A – 10am 12:15pm

Zacarias Moutoukias, Université Paris Diderot
“Global as Micro: Social Networks, Interactions and Transactions in Colonial Spaces”

Friday, February 21st
History Library, Blair Hall, 206

Workshop Session 1 – 12:30pm 1:30pm

Eduardo Santos Neumann (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS, Brazil)
‘Maloqueando y Cautibando yndios’: esclavitud y trata de indígenas en la América meridional.

Magdalena Candioti (CONICET/Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina)
Freedom Strategists: Crisscrossed Biographies of Africans and Afro-Descendants in the Rio de la Plata (1810-1840)

Workshop Session 2 – 2:20pm 3:20pm

Fernanda Sposito (Universidade Federal de São Paulo – UNIFESP, Brazil)
Travessias entre a capitania de São Vicente e o Rio da Prata durante a União Ibérica

Gabriel DiMeglio (CONICET/Universidad de Buenos Aires), Mariana Katz (Columbia University)
El origen de la nación. El 25 de mayo a través de la historia argentina

Workshop Session 3 – 4:30pm 5:30pm

Julia Sarreal (Arizona State University)
Yerba Mate: Tool of Empire

Brian Bockelman (Ripon College)
Traces of Indigenous Geographic Knowledge in the First Atlas of Argentina, c. 1870.

Saturday February 22nd
History Library, Blair Hall, 206

Workshop Session 4 – 9:00am

Paula Alonso (George Washington University)
The Languages of Democracy in late nineteenth century Argentina

Erick Langer (Georgetown University)
From Peasants to Miners: Credit and Economic Development in the Andes

Workshop Session 5 – 10:45am

Michael Huner (Grand Valley State University)
A Curious Republic Preserved: Paraguay, 1813-1840

Herib Caballero Campos (Universidad Nacional de Canindeyú)
Combatir desde la retaguardia: la producción de alimentos y vestimentas durante la Guerra contra la Triple Alianza 

Closing Lecture – 12:20

Delphine Demelas (Brown University), Guillaume Candela (John Carter Brown Library)
Decolonizing the First History of the Río de la Plata? Alejo García in the Ruy Díaz de Guzman’s Manuscripts and in the 16th Century Archives

For pre-circulated papers, please contact Fabrício Prado.

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