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By oieahc · June 26, 2018

Why be a joiner?

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by Karin Wulf

Why be a joiner?

Don’t make me pull out that de Tocqueville quote about the importance of voluntary associations in civil society. Besides, it’s not necessary to quote a tourist in early nineteenth-century America to observe a truism: organizations bring people and their talents together.

The Omohundro Institute has a single mission: to support early American scholars and scholarship, and to share the fruits of that support as widely as possible. To that end we bring people and their talents together. All of you—readers and listeners, authors and reviewers, students and teachers—bring your talent into this collective.

When we ask you to make a gift to join the OI Associates, it’s to confirm this association. Yes, your financial support is important. As important or even more so than  the financial commitment, being an OI Associate shows  your formal association with our community and increases the OI’s ability to meet its goals.

“Fiscal year-end” may not be a particularly compelling phrase. And, you’ve heard it more than once from us over the last few weeks as we look toward June 30. I hope you’ll heed it if you haven’t already and join us—Associate!



[…] editorial teams at scholarly journals and university presses. The OI, thankfully, has the critical mass of resources that makes it possible to not only provide a forum for excellent scholarship, but also to foster […]
Acknowledgements: The Unabridged Edition - Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture - Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture  •  August 22, 2018

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