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By Martha Howard · June 16, 2015

Conference Twittiquette

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We are delighted to confirm that the joint OIEAHC-SEA conference (June 18-21) will be live-Tweeted. In preparation for that, we have created not only a hashtag (#OISEA2015) but also drafted a Twittiquette.

But as with any draft, we need input. Please respond below or, if you don’t desire to make a public comment, email us directly at

Recommended Rights and Responsibilities for Twitter use at Conferences Sponsored by the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture

Twitter has opened up useful new channels of communication as an increasingly influential mode in the iterative process of scholarly discourse. In the spirit of collaboration, we propose the following guidelines as a starting point to encourage collegial engagement and respect concerns about intellectual property.

Conference Participants


  • Read any information distributed by the OI about Twitter use at the conference.
  • Use Twitter to broadcast information, news, and insights about presentations.
  • Use the official conference hashtag (#OISEA2015).
  • Respect the wishes of any panelist who requests that his/her paper not be discussed on social media during the conference.
  • Remember that Twitter is–like the conference itself–a public space where standards of professional decorum and respect should always apply.


  • Intentionally mischaracterize a presenter’s arguments or evidence.
  • Tweet information about a paper that a presenter has requested be kept in the room.



  • Indicate to the chair of the session if they are uncomfortable with discussions about their paper on Twitter.
  • (For chairs) Announce at the beginning of a conference session whether or not the panelists have agreed to live-tweeting of the panel.


  • Tweet from the dais during their session.

Omohundro Institute


  • Provide an official hashtag for each conference.
  • Designate several conference attendees as “official tweeters,” who will use both their personal and the @OIEAHC accounts to broadcast news and discussion about the conference using the official hashtag. These designees will wear badges or ribbons to indicate their status.
  • Make available at conference registration a guide explaining how to use Twitter, with an introduction to hashtags, for those unfamiliar with the service who wish to participate or monitor the feed.


Can it be added as an advisement to presenters/panelists to announce their twitter handle at the start of their presentations. Easy to do on a PPT title page, for instance, and makes proper attribution much easier.
Kristen  •  June 17, 2015
[…] year, the Omohundro Institute is offering such a set of recommendations about Twitter etiquette, or, to use the portmanteau, “Twittiquette.” For the record, in […]
On Twittiquette « The Junto  •  June 17, 2015

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