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We awarded the first OI fellowship in 1945. Since that time we have awarded over one hundred fellowships for study at the postdoctoral and predoctoral level. You can read more about the recipients and their projects via the links below.



Lapidus Initiative Fellowships

Thanks to the Lapidus Initiative for Excellence and Innovation in Early American Scholarship, generously funded with a major gift from Sid and Ruth Lapidus, we were able to offer several  innovative fellowships including the Georgian Papers Programme (GPP) Fellowships and the Scholars’ Workshop. The Lapidus Initiative also enabled the Digital Collections Fellowship.


Digital Collections


Thanks to the Lapidus Initiative and with the help of the Lapidus Initiative Advisory Group (all who served listed below), we also were able to offer Digital Collections fellowships. These fellowships awarded up to $5,000 to the holding library/archive and to the scholar whose research relied on, or was to be greatly enhanced by, the digitization of a collection or partial collection of materials related to early America, broadly conceived, before 1820. Scholars partnered with special collections libraries that digitized the needed materials with the funds from the fellowship.

  • Joseph Adelman, Framingham State University
  • Nicole Aljoe, Northeastern University
  • Erica Cavanaugh, Center for Digital Editing, University of Virginia
  • Matthew Cohen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Liz Covart, Ben Franklin’s World podcast
  • Sharon M. Leon, Michigan State University
  • Molly O’Hagan Hardy, National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Simon Newman, University of Glasgow
  • John Sherer, University of North Carolina Press