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The OI’s Fellowships in Historical Editing offer talented History and American Studies graduate students who have served as OI apprentices and completed OI apprentice training the opportunity to build upon their skills through additional editorial work during William & Mary’s summer break. These annual fellowships recognize exemplary work by apprentices as well as support the OI’s ability to maintain the high standards for which all of its publications are known.

The OI is pleased to offer the following fellowship opportunities to up to four (4) current or former editorial apprentices in any phase of their graduate school experience in William & Mary’s Harrison Ruffin Tyler Department of History or American Studies Program.

  • (Up to two) OI Fellowships
    • Two $3,000 fellowships
    • Editorial work for 4 weeks (35 hours per week) during summer break
    • Former award recipients may apply.
  • (Up to two) Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry (OAAA) Grace DeuPree Fellowships
    • Two $1,000 fellowships
    • Funded annually since 2008 by the OAAA
    • Applicant’s scholarship should focus on early America
    • Editorial work for 2 weeks (35 hours per week) during summer break
    • Recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the annual OAAA luncheon in Washington, D.C., in April to thank the organization for its support
    • Previous recipients are not eligible for a second award.

Applicants for each fellowship should submit:

  1. Electronic file of no more than one page describing their interest in the fellowship(s) and the focus of their scholarship (thesis or dissertation project)
  2. Academic year during which they served as an OI apprentice
  3. Fellowship(s) for which they are applying
  4. Current c.v.

Please send application materials directly to the OI at

Applications are due March 15.

Fellowship recipients may expect to be notified of the award by mid-April.