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Thank you for your interest in an OI-NEH Fellowship. In order to apply, you must complete the online application form and then upload the following items as instructed during the application process before midnight on October 15.

As stated in the online application form, all applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be considered eligible:

  • Applicants must have met all requirements for the doctorate, including a successful defense, by the application deadline for the fellowship.
  • Foreign nationals must have been in continuous residence in the United States for the three years immediately preceding the date of application for the fellowship in order to be eligible for NEH funding.

You will need the following documents in PDF format in order to complete your application:

Curriculum Vitae

Abstract (a one-paragraph summary of your project)

Statement of Proposed Work (4 to 7 pages)

Discuss the work you propose to undertake during the fellowship, including an account of the inception of your project, an abstract, the work’s historiographic relevance, a precise indication of work completed so far, and a thoughtful plan for revisions. You should conclude by indicating what you regard as the significance of your work.

Manuscript (up to 100 pages)

Submit up to 100 pages of your dissertation. This selection may be multiple chapters, or portions of chapters, that best reflect the quality and originality of your work.

Three References

You will need to provide contact information for the three scholars who have agreed to serve as references for you. All letters of recommendation should be addressed to Chair, OI-NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee and sent by email to by October 15. These letters will be most effective if they speak directly to the importance of your work and the impact that time in residence at the OI for research and revision could have on your project.

All application materials must be submitted electronically by midnight on October 15.