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About the OI

Protecting Your Privacy

The OI is committed to protecting the privacy of those who visit its web site. The following guidelines govern our Internet privacy policy, and any changes we make to that policy will be posted here. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Generation and Use of Web Site Information

Each visit to the OI’s website produces certain non-personally identifiable information: a logfile entry that indicates time of visit, the domain name of your machine (e.g., “dial-54.somewhere.edu“), the file(s) (and their sizes, in bytes) that your visit generated, and the type of web browser and operating system you are using. This happens with most industry-standard, web-serving software.

The OI does not share such information with third parties. We use it internally to facilitate your visits to our web site, to respond to your inquiries about the OI, to improve the site’s design, for system administration and troubleshooting purposes, and in aggregated form, to track and analyze site usage.


The OI does not accumulate and store information on visitors to its web site. We use a high level of encryption to transmit credit card payment transactions behind a firewall that protects against unauthorized access. As soon as each transaction has been completed, the entries regarding it are deleted. Please note that all subscription sales are final.

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