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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 60, no. 4 October 2003

Virgin Soils Revisited
David S. Jones

Gender, Artisanry, and Craft Tradition in Early New
England: The View through the Eye of a Needle

Marla R. Miller

“A Little Flesh We Offer You”:
The Origins of Indian Slavery in New France


The Slave’s Two Bodies:
The Life of an American Legal Fiction

Malick W. Ghachem

Notes and Documents

The Scholarship and Legacy of David Beers Quinn, 1909–2002
Nicholas P. Canny and Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Reviews of Books

“Native American History: Stories and Theories,“ a review-essay of Hudson, Conversations With the High Priest of Coosa and Shoemaker, ed., Clearing a Path: Theorizing the Past in Native American Studies. By Joshua Piker861

Dowd, War under Heaven: Pontiac, the Indian Nations and the British Empire. By Eric Hinderaker865

Merritt, At the Crossroads: Indians and Empires on a Mid-Atlantic Frontier, 1700–1763. By John Smolenski870

O’Brien, Choctaws in a Revolutionary Age, 1750–1830. By James Taylor Carson874

Geggus, Hatian Revolutionary Studies. By Ashli White877

“Revisiting the Governors General ,“ a review-essay of Lustig, The Imperial Executive in America: Sir Edmund Andros, 1637–1714 and Nelson, General Sir Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester: Solider-Statesman of Early British Canada. By Alison G. Olson879

Spencer, ed., Hume’s Reception in Early America. By Adam Potkay882

Isenberg and Burstein, eds., Mortal Remains: Death in Early America. By Karen Halttunen889

Bloch, Gender and Morality in Anglo-American Culture, 1650–1800. By Rosemarie Zagarri892

Dain, A Hideous Monster of the Mind: American Race Theory in the Early Republic. By Joanne Pope Melish895

“Black New York,” a review-essay of White, Stories of Freedom in Black New York; and Harris, In the Shadow of Slavery: African Americans in New York City, 1626–1863. By Bruce Dain899

“Historians’ Walkabout,” a review-essay of Ausband, Byrd’s Line: A Natural History; and Slaughter, Exploring Lewis and Clark: Reflections on Men and Wilderness. By Andrew J. Lewis904

Jaher, The Jews and the Nation: Revolution, Emancipation, State Formation, and the Liberal Paradigm in America and France. By David Waldstreicher908

Greer and Bilinkoff, eds., Colonial Saints: Discovering the Holy in the Americas. By Susan Juster911

Bodle, The Valley Forge Winter: Civilians and Soliders in War. By Don Higginbotham914

Downes, Democracy, Revolution, and Monarchism in Early American Literature. By Brendan McConville917

“The Alchemy of Alchemy,” a review-essay of Newman, Alchemy Tried in the Fire: Starkey, Boyle, and the Fate of Helmontian Chymistry; and Newman and Principe, Gehennical Fire: The Lives of George Starkey, an American Alchemist in the Scientific Revolution. By Walter W. Woodward920