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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 53, no. 3 July 1996

The Indians’ Old World:
Native Americans and the Coming of Europeans

Neal Salisbury

Massacre at Hurtleberry Hill:
Christian Indians and English Authority in Metacom’ s War

Jenny Hale Pulsipher

The “Four Indian Kings” and the Imaginative
Construction of the First British Empire

Eric Hinderaker

The Panic of 1751: The Significance of Rumors
on the South Carolina-Cherokee Frontier

Gregory Evans Dowd

They Were Here All Along:
The Native American Presence in Lower-Central
New England in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Donna Keith Baron, J. Edward Hood, and Holly V. Izard

Forum: The “Iroquois Influence” Thesis–Con and Pro587

Philip A. Levy, Exemplars of Taking Liberties: The Iroquois Influence Thesis and the Problem of Evidence588

Samuel B. Payne, Jr., The Iroquois League, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution605

Donald A. Grinde, Jr., and Bruce E. Johansen, Sauce for the Goose: Demand and Definitions for “Proof” Regarding the Iroquois and Democracy621

Reviews of Books

Calloway, The American Revolution in Indian Country: Crisis and Diversity in Native
American Communities
. By James H. Merrell637

Taylor, William Cooper’s Town: Power and Persuasion on the Frontier of the Early American Republic. By David E. Narrett639

Race, Discourse, and the Origin of the Americas: A New World View, ed. Hyatt and
Nettleford. By Arnold Krupat641

Whitney, From Coastal Wilderness to Fruited Plain: A History of Environmental Change in Temperate North America, 1500 to the Present. By Robert D. Mitchell644

Morrison, A Praying People: Massachusett Acculturation and the Failure of the Puritan
Mission, 1600–1690
. By Michael J. Puglisi647

Skaggs, Roger Williams’ Dream for America. By Ronald P. Dufour649

Ranlet, Enemies of the Bay Colony. By Ronald P. Dufour649

Gerzina, Black London: Life before Emancipation. By Allison Blakely652

Newcomb, Political Partisanship in the American Middle Colonies, 1700–1776.
By Milton M. Klein654

Young, Kin, Commerce, Community: Merchants in the Port of Quebec, 1717–1745.
By Peter N. Moogk656

Daniel, The Philosophy of Jonathan Edwards: A Study in Divine Semiotics.
By Gerald R. McDermott658

Hall, Contested Boundaries: Itinerancy and the Reshaping of the Colonial American Religious World. By Leigh Eric Schmidt661

Murray, Revival and Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism, 1750–1858. By Mark Y. Hanley662

Kay and Cary, Slavery in North Carolina, 1748–1775. By Michael L. Nicholls664

Leaming, Hidden Americans: Maroons of Virginia and the Carolinas. By Peter C. Stewart666

Sampson, Escape in America: The British Convention Prisoners, 1777–1783.
By Harry M. Ward668

Cohen, Yankee Sailors in British Gaols: Prisoners of War at Forton and Mill, 1777–1783.
By Harry M. Ward668

Shain, The Myth of American Individualism: The Protestant Origins of American Political
. By Michael Zuckert670

The Republic of Letters: The Correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, 1776–1826, vol. 1: 1776–1790. Vol. 2: 1790–1804. Vol. 3: 1804–1826, ed. Smith.
By Jack N. Rakove672

James Madison and the American Nation, 1751–1836: An Encyclopedia, ed. Rutland.
By Jacob Katz Cogan675