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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 41, no. 2 April 1984

John Winthrop Writes His Journal
Richard S. Dunn

The Consistent Calvinism of the
New Divinity Movement

William Breitenbach

Notes and Documents

British Army Officers and the
American War for Independence

Stephen Conway

New Guides to Primary Sources on the
History of Early British America

John J. McCusker

Reviews of Books

Formisano, The Transformation of Political Culture: Massachusetts Parties, 1790s–1840s. By James M. Banner, Jr.298

Pole, The Gift of Government: Political Responsibility from the English Restoration to American Independence. By Stephen Saunders Webb301

Sosin, English America and the Revolution of 1688: Royal Administration and the Structure of Provincial Government. By Philip S. Haffenden303

Chapin, Criminal Justice in Colonial America, 1606–1660. By Bruce H. Mann305

Friends and Neighbors: Group Life in America’s First Plural Society, ed. Zuckerman. By J.
William Frost307

Godfrey, Pursuit of Profit and Preferment in Colonial North America: John Bradstreet’s Quest.
By Ian K. Steele310

Martin and Lender, A Respectable Army: The Miltary Origins of the Republic, 1763–1789. By Richard K. Showman312

Wright, The Continental Army By Charles H. Lesser314

Potter, The Liberty We Seek: Loyalist Ideology in Colonial New York and Massachusetts By Elizabeth P. McCaughey316

Fingerhut, Survivor: Cadwallader Colden II in Revolutionary America By Roger J. Champagne318

Jefferson’s Extracts from the Gospels: “The Philosophy of Jesus” and “The Life and Morals of Jesus,” ed. Adams and Lester. By Conrad Wright319

The Correspondence of Richard Price, Volume I:July 1748–March 1778, ed. Thomas and Peach.
By John W. Osborne321

Loetsche, Facing the Enlightenment and Pietism: Archibald Alexander and the Founding of Princeton Theological Seminary. By David W. Robson323

Turner, The Ninth State: New Hampshire’s Formative Years. By Donald B. Cole325

Clinton, The Plantation Mistress: Woman’s World in the Old South. By Jan Lewis327

The Papers of Daniel Webster. Legal Papers. Volume I:The New Hampshire Practice. Volume II:The Boston Practice, ed. Konefsky and King. By Gerard W. Gawalt329