Focus on Documentary Editing: The Papers of John Marshall

It has been fifteen years since the publication of the 12th and final  volume of The Papers of John Marshall (published by the Omohundro Institute with partner the University of North Carolina Press). Revolutionary officer, congressman, and secretary of state before his appointment to the Supreme Court, Marshall served as the Court’s fourth Chief Justice. In this capacity,… Read More

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Free the Ghost of Blithfield Hall!

Join us for a virtual escape room with transcription experts Julie Fisher, Sara Powell, and Heather Wolfe. Using manuscripts from the Blithfield Hall collection, teams will compete to solve clues that bring the story of one of Blithfield’s past residents into sharper focus. ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Contact Martha Howard for more information. Julie A. Fisher holds… Read More

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Seals, Folds, and Holes: Diplomatic Transcription and the Material Text

Building on the public program, “Making History through Handwriting”, this specialized workshop will focus on diplomatic transcription of archival documents for researchers. Learn how the transcription decisions of today can impact your research for years to come. We will explore how attention to the material text as an object will allow you to unlock clues about a document’s creation,… Read More

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Making History through Handwriting: An Introduction to Manuscript Transcription

Are you interested in archival transcription and the mysteries it can unlock? Join us on January 13th as Julie Fisher and Sara Powell discuss transcription, its importance today, and tips you can use when transcribing manuscripts. Learn about transcription projects taking place across the United States and how to join them. About our speakers Julie A. Fisher holds a… Read More

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