Podcasting History in Public

Historians participate in a lot of conversations about public engagement. Discussions revolve around questions of what it means to engage “the public,” how we should define “the public,” whether authoring op-eds, blog posts, and Twitter threads count as a public history practice, and whether historians do enough to make their work accessible to non-specialists. Read More

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Getting the iTunes Feature

iTunes promoted Ben Franklin’s World as a featured podcast the week of July 3, 2017. This was quite special for an independent, non-celebrity hosted podcast and since the feature appeared, many have asked me both how I got iTunes to feature Ben Franklin’s World and what the feature meant for its download statistics. These are great questions and as the Omohundro Institute strives to help scholars further the reach and impact of their work by getting their scholarship in front of the right audience, I’m happy to share the answers. Read More

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Listening and Learning: Welcoming Liz Covart and Ben Franklin’s World to the OI

by Karin Wulf We’ve got big news to share. Today we’re welcoming Liz Covart –and Ben Franklin’s World­—to the OI full-time.  Liz is our new Digital Projects Editor, with primary responsibility for the podcast and the many new platforms we’re exploring to highlight outstanding early American scholarship. In January of 2016 we  announced a new partnership with Liz,… Read More

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A Message from Liz Covart

by Liz Covart I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the staff at the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture as its new Digital Projects Editor. Read More

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