Doing History: The Power of Biography

Today’s post accompanies the Doing History 3 series on Ben Franklin's World. You can find supplementary materials for the series on the OI Reader app, available through iTunes or Google Play. Biographies serve as a gateway to history. They serve this role because, as all of our guest scholars in the Doing History: Biography series related, biographies humanize the past. At their core biographies are about people, and as people, we are naturally curious about how others lived, worked, and experienced life. Read More

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Listening and Learning: Welcoming Liz Covart and Ben Franklin’s World to the OI

by Karin Wulf We’ve got big news to share. Today we’re welcoming Liz Covart –and Ben Franklin’s World­—to the OI full-time.  Liz is our new Digital Projects Editor, with primary responsibility for the podcast and the many new platforms we’re exploring to highlight outstanding early American scholarship. In January of 2016 we  announced a new partnership with Liz,… Read More

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A Message from Liz Covart

by Liz Covart I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the staff at the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture as its new Digital Projects Editor. Read More

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