WMQ Lecture with Vanessa Holden

Join us on Thursday, February 23, 2023, at 5:00 pm in room Tidewater B of the Sadler Center on the campus of William & Mary, for a talk by scholar Vanessa Holden (University of Kentucky) titled “Survival and Resistance: African American Women in Nat Turner’s Community.” Vanessa Holden is an associate professor of History at the University of Kentucky and director of the Central Kentucky… Read More

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"Commercializing blackness: color and race in New Spain (1784-1794)"


“‘They brought them from the Palenque’: Captivity and Smuggling in Jamaica, ca. 1660”

OI Colloquium with Casey Schmitt Following the English invasion of Jamaica in 1655, Spanish forces maintained a toehold on the island over five years of guerilla warfare in large part because of the food and shelter they received from three different semi-autonomous Afro-Jamaican communities on the island. While historians discuss two of the three Afro-Jamaican villages, they also often… Read More

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“A Curious List and a Trip to Sierra Leone:' Or, Why Obour Tanner Bought Rev. Hopkins' The System of Doctrines in 1793?”

OI Colloquium with Tara Bynum “‘A Curious List and a Trip to Sierra Leone:’ Or, Why Obour Tanner Bought Rev. Hopkins’ The System of Doctrines in 1793” takes a look at an oddly placed list of subscribers. It’s among the subscribers to Hopkins’s System of Doctrines, and its title is “Free Blacks.”  While it might be easy to ignore the curious… Read More

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