"Powers, Polycentrism, and Commercial Regulations in the Iberian Spaces: Monopolies, Privileges, and Exclusive Regimes"

The OI is proud to support this ambitious two-city, multi-day, event organized by Fabrício Prado (William & Mary) in conjunction with the Institute of Historical Research at UNAM, Mexico City as part of the Social History of Commercial Regulations Project – HIRECOM. The conference will begin on the campus of William & Mary, April 11 through 13, then continue… Read More

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"Transforming Waste into Wealth: The Political Economy of Alcohol in the Leeward Islands, 1670-1737"

OI Colloquium with Lila O’Leary Chambers Alcohol played a crucial role in supporting the Leeward Islands’ transition from a “society with slaves” to an entrenched “slave society” across the early eighteenth century. Rather than acting solely as a signifier of planter excess, this chapter reveals that white settlers and enslaved and free African and African-descended peoples incorporated it in… Read More

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Private Profits and Public Affairs

Join us for an OI Author Conversation with Hannah Farber and Michael Zakim The rise of capitalism and the expansion of the market economy transformed the early U.S. republic, reshaping relations within the labor force as well as the relationship between state and society. As contingent as… Read More

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Capital, Deception, and the Heirs of Daniel Parker

WMQ author Tom Cutterham (October 2018) offers further thoughts on his piece, “‘A Very Promising Appearance’: Credit, Honor, and Deception in the Emerging Market for American Debt, 1784—92” (William and Mary Quarterly, volume 75, no. 4). by Tom Cutterham Where is the line between entrepreneur and con-artist? That’s the question that animates Jane Kamensky’s account of early nineteenth-century Boston financier Andrew… Read More

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