"The Great Experiment": Virtual Reality for Higher Education

Join the Omohundro Institute as we welcome Professors Warren Hofstra and Mohammad Obeid from Shenandoah University, Professor Kevin Hardwick of James Madison University, and Chief Immersive Officer at AccessVR J.J. Ruscella to discuss their virtual reality learning tool, “The Great Experiment.” The tool aims to “place participants in Independence Hall” during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Read More

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Report from a 2019 Digital Collections Fellowship recipient

Students collaborate on the Maryland Loyalism Project. Read More

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New and Improved

...The new version of the OI Reader will be accessible via your desktop computer as well as other devices and will allow us to create digital content more easily than before. It will also have a feature of particular use to all the Very Odd Ducks of #VastEarlyAmerica: accurate (and stable) citation information readily available for every word. Read More

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Reflections on “Archives-Based Digital Projects in Early America”

by Molly O’Hagan Hardy Molly O’Hagan Hardy’s article “Archives-Based Digital Projects in Early America” appeared in the July 2019 issue of the William and Mary Quarterly. If this article succeeds, it is because the composition of it, like the projects it describes, are the result of back and forth, give and take, what we often call “collaborative” production but… Read More

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WMQ July 19 abstracts.GARCIA

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