OI Author Conversation with Sara E. Johnson and Ada Ferrer

Join OI author Sara E. Johnson in conversation with Ada Ferrer ONLINE as they discuss Johnson’s new book, Encyclopédie Noire: The Making of Moreau de Saint-Méry’s Intellectual World (Omohundro Institute/University of North Carolina Press, 2023). Johnson and Ferrer will discuss experimental writing methods in historiography, the idea of communal biography, and stories about the enslaved and free… Read More

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Digital Sources, Analog Citations

Today’s post is by Andrew Newman, author of Allegories of Encounter: Colonial Literacy and Indian Captivities, published in January 2019 by the Omohundro Institute with our partners at the University of North Carolina Press. It is available in paperback. by Andrew Newman The image on the right is a copper engraving from a 1725 Amsterdam edition of François de… Read More

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Doing History: Arguing Biography

Today’s post accompanies “Considering Biography,” episode 209 of Ben Franklin’s World and part of the Doing History 3 series. You can find supplementary materials for the episode on the OI Reader app, available through iTunes or Google Play. By Michael J. McGandy I am an editor, I admit, who is wary of biography. When a junior scholar working on her first book raises the prospect of writing a biography or a book with a strong biographical line, I sound a note of caution. Are there other ways, I ask, of telling this story? I wonder if the author knows how biography is evaluated in the scholarly community. Frankly, I question, are the virtues of this form worth the manifest danger of putting her career at risk? Read More

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OI History: Tales from Former Apprentices, Part 4

As part of our seventy-fifth anniversary, we at the Omohundro Institute continue to reflect on what makes our institution such a special place. One of those things is our Apprenticeship in Historical Editing. Today’s guest post comes from former apprentice Kevin Butterfield who is now the Executive Director of the Fred W. Smith National Library for the… Read More

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