“'Scrapeing the world for money': Nicholas Owen’s Manuscript Journal, 1746-1757"

OI Colloquium with Kerry Sinanan Nicholas Owen’s Journal of a Slave-Dealer was edited by Eveline Martin in 1930. In this talk Sinanan will discuss the manuscript journal itself which has remained unexamined since its publication. Forged in the West African space of slave trading by an impoverished, white, Anglo-Irishman with pretensions to gentility, Owen’s description of his life in… Read More

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Telling Unconventional Life Stories in Vast Early America

Biography remains one of the most durable, popular forms of history.  But telling life stories, especially when the individuals in question were not among the elite—when the records of their lives were scattered, ill-preserved, or non-existent—presents archival, evidentiary, linguistic, and narrative challenges for early Americanists. Please join Carolyn Eastman and Sophie White for a discussion of the challenges and… Read More

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Not Your Typical Book Talks

by Catherine E. Kelly This week, we will launch the first of three online OI Author Conversations scheduled for the current academic year.  Featuring scholars whose books are forthcoming or recently published, this series will open up the research, writing, and thinking that go into making a polished product.  Unlike even the best book talks, which tend to summarize… Read More

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Women Also Know Washington

“Life of George Washington — The Farmer,” painted by Junius Brutus Stearns ; lith. by Régnier, imp. Lemercier, Paris, 1853. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. By Lindsay Chervinsky In the preface to You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George… Read More

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