“'Scrapeing the world for money': Nicholas Owen’s Manuscript Journal, 1746-1757"

OI Colloquium with Kerry Sinanan Nicholas Owen’s Journal of a Slave-Dealer was edited by Eveline Martin in 1930. In this talk Sinanan will discuss the manuscript journal itself which has remained unexamined since its publication. Forged in the West African space of slave trading by an impoverished, white, Anglo-Irishman with pretensions to gentility, Owen’s description of his life in… Read More

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Exploring the Essays in the Georgian Papers

This event will begin at 4:30 pm (16:30) London time, 11:30 am New York time. The Georgian Papers Programme (GPP) will run two public workshops in April and May 2021. The workshops will highlight the work of two researchers who joined the programme as part of the White… Read More

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Free the Ghost of Blithfield Hall!

Join us for a virtual escape room with transcription experts Julie Fisher, Sara Powell, and Heather Wolfe. Using manuscripts from the Blithfield Hall collection, teams will compete to solve clues that bring the story of one of Blithfield’s past residents into sharper focus. ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Contact Martha Howard for more information. Julie A. Fisher holds… Read More

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Seals, Folds, and Holes: Diplomatic Transcription and the Material Text

Building on the public program, “Making History through Handwriting”, this specialized workshop will focus on diplomatic transcription of archival documents for researchers. Learn how the transcription decisions of today can impact your research for years to come. We will explore how attention to the material text as an object will allow you to unlock clues about a document’s creation,… Read More

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