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Publications Overview

* notes those articles that also won the Cappon Award

Year of Award Article Issue
2022 Miles Grier, “Staging the Cherokee Othello: An Imperial Economy of Indian Watching”

January 2016

2020 Christine DeLucia, “Fugitive Collections in New England Indian Country: Indigenous Material Culture and Early American History Making at Ezra Stiles’s Yale Museum”

January 2018

2018 *Rebecca Earle,“The Pleasures of Taxonomy: Casta Paintings, Classification, and Colonialism” July 2016
2016 Chris Evans, “The Plantation Hoe: The Rise and Fall of an Atlantic Commodity, 1650–1850” January 2012
2014 Katherine Grandjean, “New World Tempests: Environment, Scarcity, and the Coming of the Pequot War” January 2011
2012 Greg O’Malley, “Beyond the Middle Passage: Slave Migration from the Caribbean to North America, 1619–1807” January 2009
2010 Alexander X. Byrd, “Eboe, Country, Nation, and Gustavus Vassa’s Interesting Narrative January 2006
2008 David J. Silverman, “Indians, Missionaries, and Religious Translation: Creating Wampanoag Christianity in Seventeenth-Century Martha’s Vineyard” April 2005
2006 Michael Johnson, “Denmark Vesey and His Co-Conspirators” October 2001
2004 Christopher L. Brown, “Empire without Slaves: British Concepts of Emancipation in the Age of the American Revolution” April 1999
2002 Susan Juster, “Mystical Pregnancy and Holy Bleeding: Visionary Experience in Early Modern Britain and America” April 2000
2000 Holly Brewer, “Entailing Aristocracy in Colonial Virginia: ‘Ancient Feudal Restraints’ and Revolutionary Reform” April 1997
1998 Ira Berlin, “From Creole to African: Atlantic Creoles and the Origins of African-American Society in Mainland North America” April 1996
1996 *Cornelia Hughes Dayton, “Taking the Trade: Abortion and Gender Relations in an Eighteenth-Century New England Village” January 1991
1994 T.H. Breen, “Narrative of Commercial Life: Consumption, Ideology, and Community on the Eve of the American Revolution” July 1993
1992 *Daniel F. Vickers, “Competency and Competition: Economic Culture in Early America” January 1990
1990 *Daniel W. Howe, “The Political Psychology of The Federalist July 1987
1988 James H. Merrell, “The Indians’ New World: The Catawba Experience” October 1984
1986 *Alfred F. Young, “George Robert Twelves Hewes (1742–1840): A Boston Shoemaker and the Memory of the American Revolution” October 1981
1984 *Gordon S. Wood, “Conspiracy and the Paranoid Style: Causalty and Deceit in the Eighteenth Century” July 1982
1982 Darrett B. Rutman and Anita H. Rutman, “Of Agues and Fevers: Malaria in the Early Chesapeake” January 1976
1980 *Rhys Isaac, “Evangelical Revolt: The Nature of the Baptists’ Challenge to the Traditional Order in Virginia, 1765 to 1775” July 1974
1976 *Pauline Maier, “Popular Uprisings and Civil Authority in Eighteenth-Century America” January 1970
1972 *Edmund S. Morgan, “The Puritan Ethic and the American Revolution” January 1967