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The Omohundro Institute is committed to disseminating innovative scholarship as widely as possible while setting and maintaining rigorous standards for editorial review and scholarly production. Issues about access and circulation involve careful consideration of what best serves scholarship.

We have been actively engaged in study and conversation about these issues, and will continue to think, write, and speak about how academic journals can best serve authors, readers, teachers, and students.

To promote the wider study and research of early American history and culture, the OIEAHC currently makes a portion of the WMQ—including digital projects, unique online only-supplemental content, and the current issue Reviews of Books section of the printed journal—freely and immediately available to all readers on the OIEAHC website.

To assist in opening access to the journal’s restricted content among non-subscribers, the WMQ participates in JSTOR’s Register and Read Program; this program allows readers free access to up to 78 articles a year on JSTOR. Further information about Register and Read may be found at

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