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Call for Papers

Two Panels Jointly Sponsored by the Hispanic American Historical Review and William and Mary Quarterly
For the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Ethnohistory
Pennsylvania State University • September 25–29, 2019


The Editors of the Hispanic American Historical Review and the William and Mary Quarterly invite paper proposals for two featured, jointly-sponsored panels at the American Society for Ethnohistory’s 2019 conference.

We invite individual paper submissions that broadly engage with the conference theme, “Exploring Colonial Roots/Routes in North America and Latin America.”  We are especially interested in histories of place, mobility, links, and exchanges that connect North America and Latin AmericaWe join the program committee in encouraging papers that speak to the historiographies of Indigenous people, and we are also eager to include papers that address the experiences of African- and European-descended peoples.  Potential topics include but are not limited to society, politics, culture, family, ecology and environment, science and medicine, material life, production of place, and local, regional, and global connections to the wider world.

Looking to the future, we plan to invite a subset of these authors to participate in first a workshop jointly sponsored by the two journals, followed by peer-reviewed, jointly published special issues of the Hispanic American Historical Review and William and Mary Quarterly.

Proposals should include:

  • your name, title, affiliation (if any), and contact information;
  • a 300-word abstract;
  • and a one-page CV.

To submit, please collate all required information into a single pdf file labeled with your full name.  Submit your material as an email attachment to both panel organizers by March 1, 2019:

  • Martha Few, Penn State University:
    (Editor, with Zach Morgan, Matthew Restall, and Amara Solari, of Hispanic American Historical Review)
  • Joshua Piker, Omohundro Institute and College of William & Mary:
    (Editor, William and Mary Quarterly)

Presenters must be/become members of the American Society for Ethnohistory (ASE).

Information on membership, and the 2019 conference, is available on the ASE website: