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3D SER., 74, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 2017)

Introduction: Expand or Die: The Revolution’s New Empire
Alan Taylor

Revolution in the Quarterly ? A Historiographical Analysis
Michael A. McDonnell and David Waldstreicher

Atlantic Cultures and the Age of Revolution
Nathan Perl-Rosenthal

Writing Women’s History Through the Revolution: Family Finances, Letter Writing, and Conceptions of Marriage
Sara T. Damiano

Independence and Interdependence: The American Revolution and the Problem of Postcolonial Nationhood, circa 802
Eliga Gould

Conclusion: Writing To and From the Revolution
Serena R. Zabin

Reviews of Books

ÜProtest, Dissent, Empire, and Nation in Revolutionary America,” a review essay of Hutchins, ed., Community without Consent: New Perspectives on the Stamp Act ; and Martin, Government by Dissent: Protest, Resistance, and Radical Democratic Thought in the Early American Republic. By Joseph M. Adelman765

ÜThomas Jefferson and Us,” a review essay of Boles, Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty ; and Gordon-Reed and Onuf, “Most Blessed of the Patriarchs”: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination. By David Sehat771

Babcock, Apache Adaptation to Hispanic Rule . By Paul Conrad 777

Bassi, An Aqueous Territory: Sailor Geographies and New Granada’s Transimperial Greater Caribbean World . By Edward P. Pompeian781

Cox, Boy Soldiers of the American Revolution . By Rebecca Brannon786

Girard, Toussaint Louverture: A Revolutionary Life . By Carolyn E. Fick790

Plane, Dreams and the Invisible World in Colonial New England: Indians, Colonists, and the Seventeenth Century . By Coll Thrush795

Spero and Zuckerman, eds., The American Revolution Reborn . By Stephen Conway799

Swingen, Competing Visions of Empire: Labor, Slavery, and the Origins of the British Atlantic Empire . By Holly Brewer802

Van Buskirk, Standing in Their Own Light: African American Patriots in the American Revolution . By T. Cole Jones806

Van Groesen, Amsterdam’s Atlantic: Print Culture and the Making of Dutch Brazil . By Deborah Hamer811



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