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3D SER., 68, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 2011)

Grounded Histories: Land and Landscape in Early America
Karen Halttunen

Forum: Patriot Royalism


Eric Nelson, Patriot Royalism: The Stuart Monarchy in American Political Thought, 769–75 533   |  Abstract

Gordon S. Wood, The Problem of Sovereignty573

Pauline Maier, Whigs against Whigs against Whigs: The Imperial Debates of 765–76 Reconsidered578

Daniel J. Hulsebosch, The Plural Prerogative583

Eric Nelson, Taking Them Seriously: Patriots, Prerogative, and the English Seventeenth Century588

Forum: Economics and American Independence


Staughton Lynd and David Waldstreicher, Free Trade, Sovereignty, and Slavery: Toward an Economic Interpretation of American Independence 597   |  Abstract

Robert G. Parkinson, War and the Imperative of Union631

Jack Rakove, Got Nexus?635

Barbara Clark Smith, Beyond the “Economic”639

Michael A. McDonnell, Men Out of Time: Confronting History and Myth644

Staughton Lynd and David Waldstreicher, Reflections on Economic Interpretation, Slavery, the People Out of Doors, and Top Down versus Bottom Up649

Research Note

Lighting the Fuse of Revolution in Virginia, May 765: Rereading the “Journal of a French Traveller in the Colonies”
Rhys Isaac

Reviews of Books

Critical Forum Brown, Foul Bodies: Cleanliness in Early America

Jan Ellen Lewis, Cleanliness and Culture671

Ann M. Little, Bodies, Geographies, and the Environment679

Kathryn Norberg, Bodies in European and American Historiography686

Kathleen M. Brown, The Historical Body, Our Humanity, and the Cost of Modernity690

Jan Ellen Lewis, Cleanliness and Culture: Further Thoughts694

Ann M. Little, Where the Boys Were697

Kathryn Norberg, Cleanliness and Rights699

Critical Forum Tomlins, Freedom Bound: Law, Labor, and Civic Identity
in Colonizing English America, 1580–1865

Julia Adams, Clear, Hold, Build: Patriarchy and Sovereignty in the Colonization of Early English America701

Tamar Herzog and Richard J. Ross, Law, Labor, and Civic Identities in the British and Spanish Empires707

Paul K. Eiss, Indigenous Sovereignty under and after Spanish Rule713

Richard White, Legal Pluralism and Native Sovereignty720

Stuart Banner, Legal History, Inside and Out725

Christopher Tomlins, Freedom Bound : A Response to Readers729

Knott, Sensibility and the American Revolution . By Edward Countryman739

Brooke, Columbia Rising: Civil Life on the Upper Hudson from the Revolution to the Age of Jackson . By Paul A. Gilje743

Carney and Rosomoff, In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa’s Botanical Legacy in the Atlantic World ; and Hawthorne, From Africa to Brazil: Culture, Identity, and an Atlantic Slave Trade, 600–1830. By Joseph C. Miller747

Klepp, Revolutionary Conceptions: Women, Fertility, and Family Limitation in America, 760–1820 . By Sarah Hand Meacham751

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