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3D SER., 68, NO. 3 (JULY 2011)

Forum: Transformations of Virginia: Tobacco, Slavery, and Empire


James Horn, Introduction327

John C. Coombs, The Phases of Conversion: A New Chronology for the Rise of Slavery in Early Virginia332   |  Abstract

Douglas Bradburn, The Visible Fist: The Chesapeake Tobacco Trade in War and the Purpose of Empire, 690–1715361   |  Abstract  | Web Supplement

Lorena S. Walsh, Boom-and-Bust Cycles in Chesapeake History387

Paul G. E. Clemens, Reimagining the Political Economy of Early Virginia393

Peter A. Coclanis, Tobacco Road: New Views of the Early Chesapeake398

April Lee Hatfield, Slavery, Trade, War, and the Purposes of Empire405

William A. Pettigrew, Historicizing Supply and Demand in Early American Economic History: The Importance of Transatlantic Politics409

Alexander B. Haskell, Counsel, Slavery, and the Politics of Empire: Rediscovering the Dynamism of Virginia’s Seventeenth-Century Council of State414

Douglas Bradburn and John C. Coombs, Provincials Abroad; Or, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Atlantic Seminar: More Collaborative Reflections on Chesapeake History420

Spain and the Founding of Jamestown
Abstract  | Web Supplement
William S. Goldman

The “Bad Business” of Obeah: Power, Authority, and the Politics of Slave Culture in the British Caribbean
Randy M. Browne

Reviews of Books

“Liberties of Empire,” a review essay of Zahedieh, The Capital and the Colonies: London and the Atlantic Economy, 1660–1700 ; Flavell, When London Was Capital of America; and Jasanoff, Liberty’s Exiles: American Loyalists in the Revolutionary World. By Jane Kamensky481

“‘Nought from nought leaves nought’: Figuring Venture Smith,” a review essay of Stewart, ed., Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom. By Peter P. Hinks490

Preston, The Texture of Contact: European and Indian Settler Communities on the Frontiers of Iroquoia, 667–1783. By Jon Parmenter500

Woodward, Prospero’s America: John Winthrop, Jr., Alchemy, and the Creation of New England Culture, 606–1676. By Richard Godbeer503

Kern, The Jeffersons at Shadwell. By Barbara B. Oberg506


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