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3D SER., 64, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 2007)

African Guardians, European Slave Ships, and the Changing Dynamics of Power in the Early Modern Atlantic
Stephanie Smallwood

Roman Catholic Conservatism in a New North Atlantic World, 760&#;1829
Luca Codignola

A More Perfect Copy: David Rittenhouse and the Reproduction of Republican Virtue
William Howell

The Commercial Ideology of Colonization in Jacobean England: Robert Johnson, Giovanni Botero and the Pursuit of Greatness
Andrew Fitzmaurice

Notes and Documents

Abigail Adams, Bond Speculator
Woody Holton

Abigail Adams, Gender Politics, and the History of Emily Montague : A Postscript
Elaine Crane

Review of Books

ÜJefferson in Confucian Relief,” a review essay of Liu , Jiefeixun quan zhuan (A Complete Biography of Thomas Jefferson) . By Andrew Burstein845

Delbourgo , A Most Amazing Scene of Wonders: Electricity and Enlightenment in Early America . By Sarah Rivett852

Mancall , Hakluyt&#’s Promise: An ElizabethanÙs obsession for an English America . By Andrew Fitzmaurice855

Bell , The Imperial Orgins of the King&#’s Church in Early America, 607&#;1783 . By Travis Glasson859

Bannet , Empire of Letters: Letter Manuals and Transatlantic Correspondence, 680&#;1820 . By Sarah Pearsall862

Edelson, Plantation Enterprise in Colonial South Carolina . By Cara Anzilotti866

Block, Rape and Sexual Power in Early America . By Nancy Isenberg869

Blauvelt, The Work of the Heart: Young Women and Emotion 780&#;1830 . By Nicole Eustace871

Hatzenbuehler, ÜI Tremble for My Country”: Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia Gentry . By Peter Onuf874

Furstenberg, In the Name of the Father: Washington&#’s Legacy, Slavery, and the Making of a Nation . By Scott Casper878

Mason, Slavery and and Politics in the Early American Republic . By Eva Sheppard-Wolf881

Lauritz and Morrison, eds., Whither the early Republic: A Forum on the Future of the Field . By Richard Bell884

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