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3D SER., 62, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 2005)

The Consumer Culture of the Middle Atlantic, 760&#;1820
Paul G.E. Clemens

Fashion and the Culture Wars of Revolutionary Philadelphia
Kate Haulman

A Democracy of Facts, An Empire of Reason: Swallow Submersion and Natural History in the Early American Republic
Andrew J. Lewis

Male Pleasure and the Genders of Eighteenth-Century Botanic Exchange: A Garden Tour
Thomas Hallock

Sovereign Remedies: Natural Authority and the Counterblaste to Tobacco
Michael Ziser

Reviews of Books

ÜThe Founding Fathers in Early American Historiography: A View from Abroad” a review essay of Adams, Gouverneur Morris: An Independent Life ; Bernstein, Thomas Jefferson; Booraem, Young Hickory: The Making of Andrew Jackson; Foner, Tom Paine and Revolutionary America; Haw, John and Edward Rutledge of South Carolina; Lewis, Jr., John Quincy Adams: Policymaker for the Union; Matthews, Forgotten Founder: The Life and Times of Charles Pickney; McGaughy, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia: A Portrait of an American Revolutionary; Miller, Envoy to the Terror: Gouverneur Morris and the French Revolution; Unger, Lafayette; Waldstreicher, Runaway America: Benjamin Fraklin, slavery, and the American Revolution; Waldstreicher, Runaway America: Benjamin Fraklin, slavery, and the American Revolution; Warner, John the Painter: Terrorist of the American Revolution; Wiencek, An Imperfect God: George Washington, his slaves, and the creation of America; and Wood, The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin. By Trevor Burnard745

Pasley, Robertson, and Waldstreicher, eds., Beyond the Founders: New Approaches to the Political History of the Early American Republic . By Alan Taylor764

Holifield, Theology in America: Christian Thought from the Age of the Puritans to the Civil War . By Mark Valeri767

Gelles, The Letters of Abigail Levy Franks, 733&#;1748 . By Pamela S. Nadell771

ÜPocahontas: (De)Constructing an American Myth” a review essay of Townsend, Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma ; Rountree, Pocahontas, Powhatan, Opechancanough: Three Indian Lives Changed by Jamestown; Allen, Pocahontas: Medicine Woman, Spy, Entrepreneur, Diplomat; and Price, Love and Hate in Jamestown: John Smith, Pocahontas, and the Heart of a New Nation. By Michelle LeMaster774

Wilson, ed., A New Imperial History: Culture, Identity and Modernity in Britain and the Empire 660&#;1840 . By Alison Games781

Pestana, The English Atlantic in an Age of Revolution 640&#;1661 . By John Wood Sweet785

Mancke, The Fault Lines of Empire: Political Differentiation in Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, ca. 760&#;1830 , and Hinderaker and Mancall, At the Edge of Empire: The Backcountry in British North America. By Timothy J. Shannon788

Sweet, Bodies Politic: Negotiating Race in the American North, 730&#;1830 . By Catherine Kelly791

Pencak and Richter, eds., Friends and Enemies in Penn&#’s Woods: Indians, Colonists, and the Racial Construction of Pennsylvania . By Jane T. Merritt795

Ward, The Politics of Liberty in England and Revolutionary America . By Craig Yirush798

McNamara, From Tavern to Courthouse: Architecture and Ritual in American Law, 658&#;1860 ; and Lounsbury, The Courthouse of Early Virginia: An Architectural History. By Christopher Lawrence Tomlins801

Ryan, ed., The Worlds of Jacob Eichholtz: Portrait Painter of the Early Republic . By Wendy Bellion807

Johnson and Burling, The Colonial American Stage, 665&#;1774: A Documentary Calendar ; and Nathans, Early American Theatre from the Revolution to Thomas Jefferson: Into the Hands of the People. By Jason Shaffer812

Friend, Along the Maysville Road: The Early American Republic in the Trans-Appalachian West . By Marion Nelson Winship815

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