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3D SER., 62, NO. 1 (JANUARY 2005)

Forum: Alternative Histories of the Public Sphere

Christopher Looby, Introduction.3

Bryan Waterman, The Bavarian Illuminati, the Early American Novel, and Histories of the Public Sphere.9

Eric Slauter, Being Alone in the Age of the Social Contract.31

Joanna Brooks, The Early American Public Sphere and the Emergence of the Black Print Counterpublic.67

John L. Brooke, On the Edges of the Public Sphere.93

Ruth H. Bloch, Inside and Outside the Public Sphere.99

David Waldstreicher, Two Cheers for the ÜPublic Sphere” . . . and One for Historians&#’ Skepticism.107

Reviews of Books

Racine, Francisco de Miranda: A transatlantic Life in the Age of Revolution . By Margaret Newell113

Skeen, 816: America Rising . By Johann Neem117

Foster, Moral Visions and Material Ambitions: Philadelphia Struggles to Define the Republic, 776&#;1836 . By Lawrence Peskin120

Donahue, The Great Meadow: Farmers and the Land in Colonial Concord . By Steven Stoll123

Hallock, From the Fallen Tree: Frontier Narratives, Environmental Politics, and the Roots of a National Pastoral, 749&#;1826 . By Christopher Iannini126

Wood, This Remote Part of the World: Regional Formation in Lower Cape Fear, North Carolina, 725&#;1775 . By Lorena Walsh129

Otterness, Becoming German: The 709 Palatine Migration to New York . By Patrick Erben133

Billings, A Little Parliament: The Virginia General Assembly in the Seventeenth Century . By April Hatfield136

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