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3D SER., 61, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 2004)

Thomas Tryon and the Seventeenth-Century Dimensions of Antislavery
Philippe Rosenberg

Common Sense, Useful Knowledge, and Matters of Fact in the Late Enlightenment: The Transatlantic Careeer of Perkins&#’s Tractors
James Delbourgo

Those Dammed Shad: Would the River Fisheries of New England Have Survived in the Absence of Industrialization?
Daniel Vickers

Notes and Documents

Alexander Hamilton&#’s Fiscal Reform: Transforming the Structure of Taxation in the Early Republic
Max M. Edling and Mark D. Kaplanoff

Reviews of Books

Rath, How Early America Sounded . By Greg Dening745

Bross, Dry Bones and Indian Sermons: Praying Indians and Colonial American Identity . By Andrew Newman747

Sleeper-Smith, Indian Women and French Men: Rethinking Cultural Encounter in the Western Great Lakes . By Daniel Usner750

Gragg, Englishmen Transplanted: The English Colonization of Barbados, 627&#;1660 . By Natalie Zacek753

Hatfield, Atlantic Virginia: Intercolonial Relations in the Seventeenth Century . By Patrick Griffin756

Hofstra, The Planting of New Virginia: Settlement and Landscape in the Shenandoah Valley . By Thomas J. Humphrey759

Atwood, Community of the Cross: Moravian Piety in Colonial Bethlehem . By Katherine Carté Engel762

Breen, The Marketplace of Revolution: How Consumer Politics Shaped American Independence . By James A. Henretta765

Ousterhout, The Most Learned Woman in America: A Life of Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson . By Edith Gelles770

Knouff, The Soldier&#’s Revolution: Pennsylvanians in Arms and the Forging of Early American Identity . By Guy Chet773

ÜConstitutional Dialogues,” a review essay of Elkins, McKitrick, and Weinstein, eds.,Men of Little Faith: Selected Writings of Cecelia Kenyon ; Siemers, Ratifying the Republic: Antifederalists and Federalists in Constitutional Time; and Dreisbach, Thomas Jefferson and the Wall of Separation Between Church and State. By Gary McDowell776

Buggeln, Temples of Grace: The Material Transformation of Connecticut&#’s Churches, 790&#;1840 . By John Fea780

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