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3D SER., 61, NO. 3 (JULY 2004)

A Diplomacy of Gender: Rituals of First Contact in the ÜLand of the Tejas”
Juliana Barr

Forum: Purity of Blood and the Social Order

Thomas C. Holt, Of Blood and Power: An Introduction. 435

Guillaume Aubert, ÜThe Blood of France”: Race and Purity of Blood in the French Atlantic World. 439

Mariá Elena Martinez, The Black Blood of New Spain: Limpieza de Sangre , Racial Violence, and Gendered Power in Early Colonial Mexico.479

The Indian&#’s Pedigree (794): Indians, Folklore, and Race in Southern New England
Daniel R. Mandell

Reviews of Books

Noll, America&#’s God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln . By David D. Hall539

ÜThe Captivity of a Generation,” a review essay of Berlin, Generations of Captivity: A History of African-American Slaves . By Peter A. Coclanis544


Oberg, UNCAS: First of the Mohegans . By James D. Drake559

Sweeney, Nathaniel Taylor, New Haven Theology, and the Legacy of Jonathan Edwards . By Jonathan D. Sassi562

Meyers, Common Whores, Vertuous Women, and Loveing Wives: Free Will Christian Women in Colonial Maryland . By Marjoleine Kars565

Moit, Women and Slavery in the French Antilles, 635&#;1848 . By Jennifer L. Morgan568

Hamilton, The Making and Unmaking of a Revolutionary Family: The Tuckers of Virginia, 752&#;1830 . By Laura Croghan Kamoie571

ÜCelebrating the Founders,” a review essay of Bailyn, To Begin the World Anew: The Genius and Ambiguities of the American Founders ; and Ferling, A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic. By Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy573

Collier, All Politics is Local: Family, Friends, and the Provincial Interests in the Creation of the Constitution . By Benjamin Irvin578

Dougherty, Collective Action under the Articles of Confederation ; Kersh Dreams of a More Perfect Union; Lenner, The Federal Principle in American Politics, 790&#;1833; McDonald, States&#’ Rights and the Union: Imperium in Imperio, 1776–1876. By Donald S. Lutz582

Kennedy, Mr. Jefferson&#’s Lost Cause: Land, Farmers, Slavery, and the Louisiana Purchase . By Leonard J. Sadosky588


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