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3D SER., 60, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 2003)

Virgin Soils Revisited
David S. Jones

Gender, Artisanry, and Craft Tradition in Early New England: The View through the Eye of a Needle
Marla R. Miller

“A Little Flesh We Offer You”: The Origins of Indian Slavery in New France

The Slave&#’s Two Bodies: The Life of an American Legal Fiction
Malick W. Ghachem

Notes and Documents

The Scholarship and Legacy of David Beers Quinn, 909&#;2002
Nicholas P. Canny and Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Reviews of Books

ÜNative American History: Stories and Theories,“ a review-essay of Hudson, Conversations With the High Priest of Coosa and Shoemaker, ed., Clearing a Path: Theorizing the Past in Native American Studies. By Joshua Piker861

Dowd, War under Heaven: Pontiac, the Indian Nations and the British Empire . By Eric Hinderaker865

Merritt, At the Crossroads: Indians and Empires on a Mid-Atlantic Frontier, 700&#;1763 . By John Smolenski870

O&#’Brien, Choctaws in a Revolutionary Age, 750&#;1830 . By James Taylor Carson874

Geggus, Hatian Revolutionary Studies . By Ashli White877

ÜRevisiting the Governors General ,“ a review-essay of Lustig, The Imperial Executive in America: Sir Edmund Andros, 1637&#;1714 and Nelson, General Sir Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester: Solider-Statesman of Early British Canada. By Alison G. Olson879

Spencer, ed., Hume&#’s Reception in Early America . By Adam Potkay882

Isenberg and Burstein, eds., Mortal Remains: Death in Early America . By Karen Halttunen889

Bloch, Gender and Morality in Anglo-American Culture, 650&#;1800 . By Rosemarie Zagarri892

Dain, A Hideous Monster of the Mind: American Race Theory in the Early Republic . By Joanne Pope Melish895

ÜBlack New York,” a review-essay of White, Stories of Freedom in Black New York ; and Harris, In the Shadow of Slavery: African Americans in New York City, 1626&#;1863. By Bruce Dain899

ÜHistorians&#’ Walkabout,” a review-essay of Ausband, Byrd&#;s Line: A Natural History ; and Slaughter, Exploring Lewis and Clark: Reflections on Men and Wilderness. By Andrew J. Lewis904

Jaher, The Jews and the Nation: Revolution, Emancipation, State Formation, and the Liberal Paradigm in America and France . By David Waldstreicher908

Greer and Bilinkoff, eds., Colonial Saints: Discovering the Holy in the Americas . By Susan Juster911

Bodle, The Valley Forge Winter: Civilians and Soliders in War . By Don Higginbotham914

Downes, Democracy, Revolution, and Monarchism in Early American Literature . By Brendan McConville917

ÜThe Alchemy of Alchemy,” a review-essay of Newman, Alchemy Tried in the Fire: Starkey, Boyle, and the Fate of Helmontian Chymistry ; and Newman and Principe, Gehennical Fire: The Lives of George Starkey, an American Alchemist in the Scientific Revolution. By Walter W. Woodward920

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