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3D SER., 58, NO. 2 (APRIL 2001)

Puritanism and Refinement in Early New England: Reflections on Communion Silver
Mark A. Peterson

ÜHow it came that the bakers bake no bread”: A Struggle for Trade Privileges in Seventeenth-Century New Amsterdam
Simon Middleton

Geography and Persuasion: Maps in British Colonial New York
Sara Stidstone Gronim

Notes and Documents

Government Interception of Letters from America and the Quest for Colonial Opinion in 775
Julie M. Flavell

ÜOur Sages are Sageles”: A Letter on Massachusetts Indian Policy after King Philip&#’s War
Jenny Hale Pulsipher

Reviews of Books

ÜRevising the National Pantheon: The American National Biography and Early American History,” a review-essay. By Scott E. Casper449

ÜThe Learned Class of the Eighteenth Century,” a review-essay of Patriot-Improvers: Biographical Sketches of Members of the American Philosophical Society, vol. I: 1753&#;1768; vol. II: 1768, ed. Bell; Sibley&#’s Harvard Graduates, vol. XVIII: 1772–1775, ed. Wrigh and Hanson; Fortune and Warner, Franklin and His Friends: Portraying the man of Science in Eighteenth-Century America; and Bedini, The Life of Benjamin Banneker: The First African-American Man of Science. By Darren M. Staloff463

The Human Tradition in Colonial America, ed. Steele and Rhoden. By Carol Berkin473

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca: His Account, His Life and the Expedition of Pánfilo de Narváez , ed. Adorno and Pautz. By James Axtell475

ÜThe Edwards Revival: Or, The Public Consequences of Exceedingly Careful Scholarship,” a review-essay of McDermott, Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods: Christian Theology, Enlightenment Religion, and Non-Christian Faiths , and Works of Jonathan Edeards, vol. 13: The “Miscellanies”: (Entry Nos. a&#;z, aa–zz, 1–500), ed. Schafer; vol. 14: Sermons and Discourses, 1723–1729, ed. Minkema; vol. 15: Notes on Scripture, ed. Stein: vol. 16 Letters and Personal Writings, ed. Claghorn; vol 17: Sermons and Discourse, 1730–1733, ed. Valeri; vol. 18: The “Miscellanies”: (Entry Nos. 501–832), ed. Chamberlain. By Leigh E. Schmidt480

Ethan Allen and His Kin: Correspondence, 772&#;1819, ed. Duffy with Orth, Graffagnino, and Bellesiles. By Robert E. Shalhope486

Cashin, William Bartram and the American Revolution on the Southern Frontier . By Gregory Waselkov489

Ellis, Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation . By James M. Banner, Jr.491

Sugden, Blue Jacket: Warrior of the Shawnees . By Eric Hinderaker493

To Read My Heart: The Journal of Rachel Van Dyke, 810&#;1811, ed. Mcmahon and Schriver. By Catherine E. Kelly495

ÜThe Work of Autobiography and the Workings of Conscience,” a review-essay of The Selected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and His Family, vol. 4: Charles Willson Peale: His Last Years, 1821&#;1827, ed. Miller, and vol. 5: The Autobiography of Charles Willson Peale, ed. Miller and Hart. By David Steinberg498

Safire, Scandalmonger: A Nove . By Alan Taylor506

Begiebing, The Adventures of Allegra Fullerton; Or, A Memoir of Startling and Amusing Episodes, from Itinerant Life . By Patricia Cline Cohen509

ÜThe Puritans and the Self,” a review-essay of Cooper, Tenacious of Their Liberties: The Congregationalists in Colonial Massachusetts, Henigman, Coming into Communion: Pastoral Dialogues in Colonial New England, Kaufmann, Institutional Individualism: Conversion, Exile, and Nostalgia in Puritan New England, and Payne, The Self and the Sacred: Conversion and Autobiography in Early American Protestantism. By Sargent Bush, Jr.516

Kulikoff, From British Peasants to Colonial American Farmers . By Christopher Clark517

Graham, Puritan Family Life: The Diary of Samuel Sewall . By Francis J. Bremer521

Cogley, John Eliot&#’s Mission to the Indians before King PhilipÙs War . By Len Travers523

James, The Colonial Metamorphoses in Rhode Island: A Study of Institutions in Change, ed. Skemp and Daniels. By Ruth Wallis Herndon526

Larson, Daughters of Light: Quaker Women Preaching and Prophesying in the Colonies and Abroad, 700&#;1771 . By Phyllis Mack528

Wulf, Not All Wives: Women of Colonial Philadelphia . By Catherine M. Kerrison531

Seeman, Pious Persuasions: Laity and Clergy in Eighteenth-Century New England . By Douglas L. Winiarski533

Fabend, Zion on the Hudson: Dutch New York and New Jersey in the Age of Revivals . By Donna Merwick536

Sommer, Serving Two Masters: Moravian Brethren in Germany and North Carolina, 727&#;1801 . By Jon Sensbach539

Armitage, The Ideological Origins of the British Empire . By Carla Gardina Pestana542

Empire&#’s Nature: Mark CatesbyÙs New World Vision , ed. Meyers and Pritchard. By Kenneth Haltman545

Ulster and North America: Transatlantic Perspectives on the Scotch Irish, ed. Blethen and Wood. By Nicholas Canny548

Cogliano, Revolutionary America, 763&#;1811: A Political History . By Michael A. McDonnell550

Thompson, Rum Punch and Revolution: Taverngoing and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia . By Bruce C. Daniels553

Semonin, American Monster: How the Nation&#’s First Prehistoric Creature Became a Symbol of National Identity . By Gordon M. Sayre555

Over the Threshold: Intimate Violence in Early America, ed. Daniels and Kennedy. By Clare A. Lyons558

Bryson, From Courtesy to Civility: Changing Codes of Conduct in Early Modern England . By Karen Halttunen561

Hemphill, Bowing to Necessities: A History of Manners in America, 620&#;1860 . By Karen Halttunen561

ÜThe Problem of South Carolina,” a review-essay of Starr, A School for Politics: Commercial Lobbying and Political Culture in Early South Carolina , Massey, John Laurens and the American Revolution, and Olwell, Masters, Slaves, and Subjects: The Culture of Power in the South Carolina Low Country, 1740&#;1790. By Jerome Nadelhaft566

A Republic for the Ages: The United States Capitol and the Political Culture of the Early Republic, ed. Kennon. By Catherine Allgor575

Ratcliffe, Party Spirit in a Frontier Republic: Democratic Politics in Ohio, 793&#;1821 . By Daniel Feller578

Ratcliffe, The Politics of Long Division: The Birth of the Second Party System in Ohio, 818&#;1828 . By Daniel Feller578

Sobel, Teach Me Dreams: The Search for Self in the Revolutionary Era . By Ann Fabian581

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