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3D SER., 56, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1999)

Measuring Colonial Gross Domestic Product: An Introduction
John J. McCusker

The Economy of British North America: Miles Traveled, Miles Still to Go
Lance Davis and Stanley Engerman

Can We Build National Accounts for the Colonial Period of American History?
Robert E. Gallman

Nutritional Status in the Colonial American Economy
Richard H. Steckel

Summing the Parts: Implications for Estimating Chesapeake Output and Income Subregionally
Lorena S. Walsh

Wealth and Welfare in Early Maryland: Evidence from St. Mary’s County  | Web Supplement
Lois Green Carr and Russell R. Menard

The Red Queen in New England?
Gloria L. Main and

Growth and the Standard of Living in a Pioneer Economy: Upper Canada, 1826 To 1851  | Web Supplement
Frank D. Lewis and M. C. Urquhart

Reviews of Books

Through a Glass Darkly: Reflections on Personal Identity in Early America, ed . Hoffman, Sobel, and Teute. By Carroll Smith-Rosenberg183

Norton, Founding Mothers and Fathers: Gendered Power and the Forming of American Society. By Norma Basch186

Nobles, American Frontiers: Cultural Encounters and Continental Conquest. By Bruce Greenfield188

Egnal, Divergent Paths: How Culture and Institutions Have Shaped North American Growth. By Gary J. Kornblith190

Scheick, Authority and Female Authorship in Colonial America. By Jeffrey A Hammond192

Women and Freedom in Early America, ed. Eldridge. By Elaine Forman Crane194

Walvin, The Quakers: Money and Morals. By Thomas C . Kennedy196

Empire. Society. And Labor: Essays in Honor of Richard S . Dunn, ed. Canny, Illick, Nash, and Pencak. By Ian K. Steele198

Innes, Creating the Commonwealth: The Economic Culture of Puritan New England. By Christopher Grasso201

Lepore, The Name of War: King Philip? War and the Origins of American Identity. By Ann Marie Plane203

Le Beau, The Story of the Salem Witch Trials: “We Walked in Clouds and Could Not See Our Way.”. By By Elizabeth Reis205

Hinderaker, Elusive Empires: Constructing Colonialism in the Ohio Valley. 1673–1800. By Gregory Evans Dowd207

Perdue, Cherokee Women: Gender and Culture Change. 1700–1835. By Elizabeth M. Scott209

Johnson, The Frontier in the Colonial South: South Carolina Backcountry. 1736–1800. By Allan Gallay212

George Washington and the Virginia Backcountry, ed. Hofstra. By J. Russell Snapp213

Perkins, Border Life: Experience and Memory in the Revolutionary Ohio Valley. By Eric Hinderaker215

Martin, Benedict Arnold. Revolutionary Hero: An American Warrior Reconsidered. By Robert M. Calhoon218

Schaeper, France and America in the Revolutionary Era: The Life of Jacques-Donatien Leray de Chaumont. 1725–1803. By Elizabeth M. Nuxoll220

Jay, Most Humble Servants: The Advisory Role of Early Judges. By Mark David Hall222

Durey, Transatlantic Radicals and the Early American Republic. By John Derry224

McNamara, Political Economy and Statesmanship: Smith. Hamilton. And the Foundation .of the Commercial Republic. By Donald Winch225

Whitehorne, The Battle for Baltimore. 1814. By David Curtis Skaggs228

Pitch, The Burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814. By David Curtis Skaggs228


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