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3D SER., 56, NO. 2 (APRIL 1999)

African and American Atlantic Worlds: Preface
Philip D. Morgan

Reading the Runaways: Self-Fashioning, Print Culture, and Confidence in Slavery in the Eighteenth-Century Mid-Atlantic
David Waldstreicher

Empire Without Slaves: British Concepts of Emancipation in the Age of the American Revolution
Christopher L. Brown

West Africa in the Atlantic Community: The Case of the Slave Coast
Robin Law and Kristin Mann

Reconsidering Trauma, Identity, and the African Diaspora: Enslavement and Historical Memory
in Nineteenth-Century Highland Madagascar
Pier M. Larson

“The Price of Liberty”: Victor Hugues and the Administration of Freedom in Guadeloupe, 1794–1798
Laurent Dubois

Notes and Documents

“Justise Must Take Plase”: Three African Americans Speak of Religion in Eighteenth-Century New England  | Web Supplement
Erik R. Seeman

Reviews of Books

Tucker, The Massachusetts Historical Society: A Bicentennial History, 1791–1991. By James Morton Smith415

Harlan, The Degradation of American History. By Kerwin Lee Klein420

Nash, Crabtree, and Dunn, History on Trial: Culture Wars and the Teaching of the Past. By F. Kevin Simon423

Cormack, Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities, 1580–1620. By Tom Conley425

American Material Culture: The Shape of the Field, ed. Martin and Garrison. By Peter Benes428

Kamensky, Governing the Tongue: The Politics of Speech in Early New England. By Sandra M. Gustafson431

Sullivan, The Punishment of Crime in Colonial New York: The Dutch Experience in Albany during the Seventeenth Century. By Joyce D. Goodfriend433

Worth, The Timucuan Chiefdoms of Spanish Florida. By Robert C. Galgano435

Routes to Slavery: Direction, Ethnicity, and Mortality in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, ed. Eltis and Richardson. By Paul E. Lovejoy438

McCusker, Essays in the Economic History of the Atlantic World. By Catherine M. Desbarats439

Burnham, Captivity and Sentiment: Cultural Exchange in American Literature, 1682–1861. By Jyotsna G. Singh442

Bonomi, The Lord Cornbury Scandal: The Politics of Reputation in British America. By Robert C. Ritchie444

Frey and Wood, Come Shouting to Zion: African American Protestantism in the American South and British Caribbean to 1830. By Paul E. Johnson446

Schofield, The Enlightenment of Joseph Priestley: A Study of His Life and Work from 1733 to 1773. By Clifford D. Conner448

Sensbach, A Separate Canaan: The Making of an Afro-Moravian World in North Carolina, 1763–1840. By John B. Boles450

Wigger, Taking Heaven by Storm: Methodism and the Rise of Popular Christianity in America. By A. Gregory Schneider452

Sugden, Tecumseh: A Life. By Joel W. Martin454

Smith, Alamance, dir. Gentry. By James P. Whittenburg456

Burstein, The Inner Jefferson: Portrait of a Grieving Optimist. By Paul Bourke459

The Bill of Rights: Government Proscribed, ed. Hoffman and Albert. By Gary L. McDowell461

Slaughter, The Natures of John and William Bartram. By David Scofield Wilson463

Brigham, Public Culture in the Early Republic: Peale’s Museum and Its Audience. By Laura Rigal465

The Female Marine and Related Works: Narratives of Cross-Dressing and Urban Vice in America’s Early Republic, ed. Cohen. By Valerie Burton470

Quimby, The U.S. Army in the War of 1812: An Operational and Command Study. By David Curtis Skaggs472

Bernstein, American Work Values: Their Origin and Development. By Barry Alan Shain474


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