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3D SER., 55, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1998)

“Pale Blewish Lights” and a Dead Man&#;s Groan: Tales of the Supernatural from Eighteenth-Century 
Plymouth, Massachusetts 
Douglas L. Winiarski

Revolutionary Principles and Family Loyalties: Slavery&#;s Transformation in the St. George Tucker Household of 
Early National Virginia 
Phillip Hamilton

Culture, Commerce, and Calendar Reform in Colonial America 
Mark M. Smith

French Fishers, Fur Traders, and Amerindians during the Sixteenth Century: History and Archaeology 
Laurier Turgeon

Reviews of Books

Brewer, The Pleasures of the Imagination: English Culture in the Eighteenth Century. By James A. Winn 611

Morris, El Llano Estacado: Exploration and Imagination on the High Plains of Texas and New Mexico, 1536&#;1860. By David J. Weber 614

Staloff, The Making of an American Thinking Class: Intellectuals and Intelligentsia in Puritan Massachusetts. By Ruth H. Bloch 616

Agnew, Belfast Merchant Families in the Seventeenth Century. By Thomas M. Truxes 618

BrandÁo, “Your fyre shall burn no more”: Iroquois Policy toward New France and Its Native Allies to 1701. By Daniel K. Richter 620

Thomas, The Slave Trade: The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1440&#;1870. By David Eltis 622

Colonial Wars of North America, 1512&#;1763: An Encyclopedia, ed. Gallay. By Harold E. Selesky 624

Risjord, Builders of Annapolis: Enterprise and Politics in a Colonial Capital. By David J. Jordan 627

Estes, Naval Surgeon: Life and Death at Sea in the Age of Sail. By Joan Druett 629

Walsh, From Calabar to Carter&#;s Grove: The History of a Virginia Slave Community. By James Sidbury 631

Sidbury, Ploughshares into Swords: Race, Rebellion, and Identity in Gabriel&#;s Virginia,1730&#;1810. By Peter H. Wood 633

Meranze, Laboratories of Virtue: Punishment, Revolution, and Authority in Philadelphia, 1760&#;1835. By Daniel A. Cohen 635

Rice, The Transformation of Authorship in America. By John Evelev 641

Hanger, Bounded Lives, Bounded Places: Free Black Society in Colonial New Orleans,1769&#;1803. By Emily Clark 643

Neimeyer, America Goes to War: A Social History of the Continental Army. By David B. Mattern 645

Randall, George Washington: A Life. By W. Guthrie Steven 647

Olmstead, David Zeisberger: A Life among the Indians. By Matthew C. Ward 648

Launching the “Extended Republic”: The Federalist Era, ed. Hoffman and Albert. By Richard B. Bernstein 650

Newman, Parades and the Politics of the Street: Festive Culture in the Early American Republic. By Susan G. Davis 652

Morris, The British Monarchy and the French Revolution. By Ronald Schechter 654

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Volume 20: 1 April to 4 August 1791, ed. Boyd and Lester. Volume 21: Index, Volumes 1&#;20, ed. Cullen, Crout, Sheridan, and Lester. Volume 22: 6 August 1791 to 31 December 1791, ed. Cullen, Sheridan, and Lester. Volume 23: 1 January to 31 May 1792, ed. Cullen, Sheridan, Hoemann, Lester, and Looney. Volume 24: 1 June to 31 December 1792, ed. Catanzariti, Sheridan, Hoemann, Lester, and Looney. Volume 25: 1 January to 10 May 1793, ed. Catanzariti, Sheridan, Looney, Hoemann, Lester, and Blazejewski. Volume 26: 11 May to 31 August 1793, ed. Cantanzariti, Sheridan, Looney, Blazejweski, and Le Saux. Volume 27: 1 September to 31 December 1793, ed. Catanzariti, Sheridan, Looney, Blazejewski, Monaco, and Le Saux. By John Ferling 657

Reason and Republicanism: Thomas Jefferson&#;s Legacy of Liberty, ed. McDowell and Noble. By Garrett Ward Sheldon 661

Johnson, The Chief Justiceship of John Marshall, 1801&#;1835. By Wythe Holt 663

Hobson, The Great Chief Justice: John Marshall and the Rule of Law. By Wythe Holt 663

Smith, John Marshall: Definer of a Nation. By Wythe Holt 663

McCormick and McCormick, New Englanders on the Ohio Frontier: The Migration and Settlement of Worthington, Ohio. By Jeffrey P. Brown 667

Nagel, John Quincy Adams: A Public Life, A Private Life. By William E. Gienapp 670

Gronowicz, Race and Class Politics in New York City before the Civil War. By Lorman Ratner 672

Windschuttle, The Killing of History: How Literary Critics and Social Theorists are Murdering Our Past. By Dane Kennedy 674


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