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3D SER., 52, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1995)

Political Newtonianism: The Cosmic Model of Politics in Europe and America 
Richard Striner

The Cost of Early Canada&#;s Native Alliances: Reality and Scarcity’s Rhetoric 
Catherine M. Desbarats

New Estimates of Exports from Barbados and Jamaica, 1665&#;1701 
David Eltis

Columbian Encounters: 1992&#;1995 
James Axtell

Reviews of Books

Matthews, If Men Were Angels: James Madison and the Heartless Empire of Reason. By Ralph Ketcham 697

Implicit Understandings: Observing, Reporting, and Reflecting on the Encounters between Europeans and Other Peoples in the Early Modern Era, ed. Schwartz. By Mary Baine Campbell 702

Women, “Race,” and Writing in the Early Modern Period, ed. Hendricks and Parker. By Emily C. Bartels 706

Clendinnen, Aztecs: An Interpretation. By Sarah C. Chambers 709

Silverblatt, Moon, Sun, and Witches: Gender Ideologies and Class in Inca and Colonial Peru. By Sarah C. Chambers 709

Lockhart, The Nahuas After the Conquest: A Social and Cultural History of the Indians of Central Mexico, Sixteenth Through Eighteenth Centuries. By Sarah C. Chambers 709

MacCormack, Religion in the Andes: Vision and Imagination in Early Colonial Peru. By Sarah C. Chambers 709

Lemay, Did Pocahontas Save Captain John Smith? By Robert S. Tilton 714

Dobson, Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607&#;1785. By Ned C. Landsman 716

Hoffer, Law and People in Colonial America. By Herbert A. Johnson 718

Avery, Behold the Child: American Children and Their Books, 1621&#;1922. By Beth Turin Weston 719

Goodfriend, Before the Melting Pot: Society and Culture in Colonial New York City, 1664&#;1730. By Thomas J. Archdeacon 721

Tully, Forming American Politics: Ideals, Interests, and Institutions in Colonial New York and Pennsylvania. By Patricia U. Bonomi 723

Sloan and Williams, The Early American Press, 1690&#;1783. By Karen K. List 725

Nerone, Violence against the Press: Policing the Public Sphere in U. S. History. By Karen K. List 725

Becker, The Emergence of Civil Society in the Eighteenth Century: A Privileged Moment in the History of England, Scotland, and France. By Adam B. Seligman 728

Virtue, Corruption, and Self-Interest: Political Values in the Eighteenth Century, ed. Matthews. By John Patrick Diggins 730

The Threefold Paradise of Cotton Mather: An Edition of “Triparadisus,” ed. Smolinski. By Michael G. Hall 733

Mullin, Africa in America: Slave Acculturation and Resistance in the American South and the British Caribbean, 1736&#;1831. By Peter H. Wood 735

Lambert, “Pedlar in Divinity”: George Whitefield and the Transatlantic Revivals, 1737&#;1770. By Michael J. Crawford 737

The Fur Trade Revisited: Selected Papers of the Sixth North American Fur Trade Conference, Mackinac Island, Michigan, 1991, ed. Brown, Eccles, and Heldman. By Arthur J. Ray 740

Fischer, Paul Revere&#;s Ride. By Daniel Walker Howe 743

Lee, The Price of Nationhood: The American Revolution in Charles County. By Gary B. Nash 745

Bennett, The Madness of King George. By Stephen Saunders Webb 747

Jhabvala, Jefferson in Paris. By Darren Staloff 750

Kuroda, The Origins of the Twelfth Amendment: The Electoral College in the Early Republic, 1787&#;1804. By Shlomo Slonim 753

The Papers of John Marshall. Volume VI: Correspondence, Papers, and Selected Judicial Opinions, November 1800&#;March 1807, ed. Hobson, Teute, and Gwilliam. Volume VII: Correspondence, Papers, and Selected Judicial Opinions, April 1807–December 1813, ed. Hobson, Coffman, and Mastromarino. By Robert K. Faulkner 755

Conkin, The Uneasy Center: Reformed Christianity in Antebellum America. By Allen C. Guelzo 759




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