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3D SER., 52, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1995)

Revisiting The Redeemed Captive: New Perspectives on the 1704 Attack on Deerfield 
Evan Haefeli and Kevin Sweeney

Slaves and Livestock in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica: Vineyard Pen, 1750&#;1751 
Philip D. Morgan

Huguenot Merchants and the Protestant International in the Seventeenth Century 
J. F. Bosher


Carole Shammas, Anglo-American Household Government in Comparative Perspective104

Daniel Scott Smith, Behind and Beyond the Law of the Household145

Richard White, What Chigabe Knew: Indians, Household Government, and the State151

Patricia Seed, American Law, Hispanic Traces: Some Contemporary Entanglements of Community Property157

Carole Shammas Responds163

Reviews of Books

Elkins and McKitrick, The Age of Federalism. By James M. Banner, Jr. 167

Sharp, American Politics in the Early Republic: The New Nation in Crisis. By James M. Banner, Jr. 167

The Cambridge History of American Literature, Volume 1: 1590&#;1820, ed. Bercovitch and 
Patell. By Michael P. Clark 171

Habermas and the Public Sphere, ed. Calhoun. By David Waldstreicher 175

Kupperman, Providence Island, 1630&#;1641: The Other Puritan Colony. By Hilary McD. Beckles 178

Narrett, Inheritance and Family Life in Colonial New York City. By Oliver A. Rink 179

Rosenthal, Salem Story: Reading the Witch Trial of 1692. By Richard Weisman 181

Evangelicalism: Comparative Studies of Popular Protestantism in North America, the British Isles, and Beyond, 1700&#;1990, ed. Noll et al. By John Saillant 184

Marble, Surgeons, Smallpox, and the Poor: A History of Medicine and Social Conditions in Nova Scotia, 1749&#;1799. By Colin D. Howell 187

Johnson, The Promising Years, 1750&#;1830: The Emergence of Black Labor and Business. By Larry E. Hudson, Jr. 189

Piersen, Black Legacy: America&#;s Hidden Heritage. By Larry E. Hudson, Jr. 189

Hatley, The Dividing Paths: Cherokees and South Carolinians through the Era of Revolution. By Colin G. Calloway 192

Mary Silliman&#;s War, prod. Schechter. By Virginia K. Bartlett and Irving H. Bartlett 194

Religion in a Revolutionary Age, ed. Hoffman and Albert. By Mark Valeri 196

Din, Francisco Bouligny: A Bourbon Soldier in Spanish Louisiana. By Colin M. MacLachlan 199

Voelz, Slave and Soldier: The Military Impact of Blacks in the Colonial Americas. By Carolyn E. Fick 201

Mayer, The Constitutional Thought of Thomas Jefferson. By Glenn A. Phelps 203

Sheldon, The Political Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson. By Glenn A. Phelps 203

Walters, Rational Infidels: The American Deists. By John Kloos 207

The Debate on the Constitution: Federalist and Antifederalist Speeches, Articles, and Letters During the Struggle over Ratification, ed. Bailyn. Part One: Debates in the Press and in Private Correspondence, September 17, 1787&#;January 12, 1788. Debates in the State Ratifying Conventions: Pennsylvania, November 20–December 15, 1787. Connecticut, January 3–9, 1788. Massachusetts, January 9–February 7, 1788. Part Two: Debates in the Press and in Private Correspondence, January 14–August 9, 1788. Debates in the State Ratifying Conventions: South Carolina, May 12–24, 1788. Virginia, June 2–27, 1788. New York, June 17–July 26, 1788. North Carolina, July 21–August 4, 1788. By Murray Dry 209

Malcolm, To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo-American Right. By James E. Ely, Jr. 212

Ketcham, Framed for Posterity: The Enduring Philosophy of the Constitution. By R. Kent Newmyer 214

Onuf and Onuf, Federal Union, Modern World: The Law of Nations in an Age of Revolutions, 1776&#;1814. By Terence Ball 216

Kaminski, George Clinton: Yeoman Politician of the New Republic. By James J. Kirschke 218

Way, Common Labour: Workers and the Digging of North American Canals, 1780&#;1860. By Carol Sheriff 220

Christophersen, The Apparition in the Glass: Charles Brockden Brown&#;s American Gothic. By Roberta F. Weldon 222

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