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3D SER., 51, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1994)

Food Rioters and the American Revolution 
Barbara Clark Smith

Gender, Work, and Wages in Colonial New England 
Gloria L. Main

Continuity and Discontinuity in Puritan Naming: Massachusetts, 1771 
Daniel Scott Smith

Prodigies, Puritanism, and the Perils of Natural Philosophy: The Example of Cotton Mather 
Michael P. Winship

Lord Cornbury Redressed: The Governor and the Problem Portrait 
Patricia U. Bonomi

Reviews of Books

Lockridge, On the Sources of Patriarchal Rage: The Commonplace Books of William Byrd and Thomas Jefferson and the Gendering of Power in the Eighteenth Century. By Kathleen M. Brown 119

Jennings, The Founders of America: How Indians Discovered the Land, Pioneered in It, and Created Great Classical Civilizations; How They Were Plunged Into a Dark Age by Invasion and Conquest; and How They Are Reviving. By David J. Weber 123

Potter, Commoners, Tribute, and Chiefs: The Development of Algonquian Culture in the Potomac Valley. By Herbert C. Kraft 125

Powhatan Foreign Relations, 1500&#;1722, ed. Rountree. By Herbert C. Kraft 125

Axtell, Beyond 1492: Encounters in Colonial North America. By Neal Salisbury 128

Stern, Sir Stephen Powle of Court and Country: Memorabilia of a Government Agent for Queen Elizabeth I, Chancery Official, and English Country Gentleman. By Dale Hoak 131

Deal, Race and Class in Colonial Virginia: Indians, Englishmen, and Africans on the Eastern Shore During the Seventeenth Century. By Jean B. Russo 132

Hammond, Sinful Self, Saintly Self: The Puritan Experience of Poetry. By John Gatta 134

Bumsted, The Peoples of Canada: A Pre-Confederation History. By J. F. Bosher 137

Calvert, Children in the House: The Material Culture of Early Childhood, 1600&#;1800. By Jane C. Nylander 139

Schultz, The Republic of Labor: Philadelphia Artisans and the Politics of Class, 1720&#;1830. By Jonathan A. Glickstein 140

McDermott, One Holy and Happy Society: The Public Theology of Jonathan Edwards. By Stephen J. Stein 143

Karras, Sojourners in the Sun: Scottish Migrants in Jamaica and the Chesapeake, 1740&#;1800. By Bruce P. Lenman 145

Rothenberg, From Market-Places to a Market Economy: The Transformation of Rural Massachusetts, 1750&#;1850. By Fred Bateman 147

Wilson, Life After Death: Widows in Pennsylvania, 1750&#;1850. By Lisa A. Norling 149

Nylander, Our Own Snug Fireside: Images of the New England Home, 1760&#;1860. By Robert F. Trent 151

American Economic Growth and Standards of Living Before the Civil War, ed. Gallman and Wallis. By Louis D. Johnston 152

Reappraising Benjamin Franklin: A Bicentennial Perspective, ed. Lemay. By Ormond Seavey 155

Gelles, Portia: The World of Abigail Adams. By Jeanne Boydston 158

Ferling, John Adams: A Life. By Michael Durey 160

Leamon, Revolution Downeast: The War for American Independence in Maine. By Benjamin W. Labaree 162

Nelson, General James Grant: Scottish Soldier and Royal Governor of East Florida. By Harvey H. Jackson, III 164

Posey, General Thomas Posey: Son of the American Revolution. By Woody Holton 167

In Debt to Shays: The Bicentennial of an Agrarian Rebellion, ed. Gross. By Daniel Vickers 169

Beer, To Make a Nation: The Rediscovery of American Federalism. By Isaac Kramnick 170

The Papers of James Madison. Volume 15: 24 March 1793&#;20 April 1795. Volume 16: 27 April 1795–27 March 1797. Volume 17: 31 March 1797–3 March 1801, with a Supplement22 January 1778–9 August 1795, ed. Mason et al. By Richard K. Matthews 172

Pangle and Pangle, The Learning of Liberty: The Educational Ideas of the American Founders. By Sheldon S. Cohen 174

Skelton, An American Profession of Arms: The Army Officer Corps, 1784&#;1861. By Donald R. Hickey 176

Southern Women: Histories and Identities, ed. Bernhard et al. By Glenda Riley 178

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