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3D SER., 51, NO. 2 (APRIL 1994)

Tales from the Crypt: Prison, Legal Authority, and the Debtors&#; Constitution in the Early Republic 
Bruce H. Mann

The Stamp Act Crisis in the British Caribbean 
Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy

John Adams, Diplomat 
John Ferling

High Army Leadership in the Era of the War of 1812: The Making and Remaking of the Officer Corps 
William B. Skelton

Forum: Why the West is Lost

Why the West is Lost 
James A. Hijiya

Notes and Documents

Anglo-American Clubs: Their Wit, Their Heterodoxy, Their Sedition 
David S. Shields

George III on Empire, 1783 
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John L. Bullion

Reviews of Books

Towner, Past Perfect: Essays on History, Libraries, and the Humanities, ed. Karrow and Young. By Thad W. Tate 311

Cohen, Pillars of Salt, Monuments of Grace: New England Crime Literature and the Origins of American Popular Culture, 1674&#;1860. By Steven Watts 313

McManus, Law and Liberty in Early New England: Criminal Justice and Due Process, 1620&#;1692. By Gerald W. Gawalt 315

Disease and Demography in the Americas, ed. Verano and Ubelaker. By William R. Swagerty 318

Dennis, Cultivating a Landscape of Peace: Iroquois-European Encounters in Seventeenth-Century America. By J. A. Brandão 320

Cultivation and Culture: Labor and the Shaping of Slave Life in the Americas, ed. Berlin and Morgan. By Kenneth F. Kiple 323

Merchant Credit and Labour Strategies in Historical Perspective, ed. Ommer. By Beatrice Craig 324

Chaplin, An Anxious Pursuit: Agricultural Innovation and Modernity in the Lower South, 1730&#;1815. By Joseph P. Reidy 326

A Mixed Race: Ethnicity in Early America, ed. Shuffelton. By William J. Scheick 328>

Benjamin Franklin, Jonathan Edwards, and the Representation of American Culture, ed. Oberg and Stout. By Donald H. Meyer 330

Skemp, William Franklin: Son of a Patriot, Servant of a King. By Carol Berkin 332

Ellis, Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams. By Roger H. Brown 334

The Selected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and His Family. Volume 2, Parts 1 and 2: Charles Willson Peale: The Artist as Museum Keeper, 1791&#;1810, Volume 3: The Belfield Farm Years, 1810-1820, ed. Miller et al. By Karin Calvert 337

New Perspectives on Charles Willson Peale: A 250th Anniversary Celebration, ed. Miller and Ward. By Karin Calvert 337

Andrew, From Revivals to Removal: Jeremiah Evarts, the Cherokee Nation, and the Search for the Soul of America. By William Breitenbach 339>

Courage and Conscience: Black and White Abolitionists in Boston, ed. Jacobs. By Lisa B. Lubow 341

Jack Tar in History: Essays in the History of Maritime Life and Labour, ed. Howell and Twomey. By James F. Millinger 344


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