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3D SER., 46, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1989)

Breaking into the Backcountry: New Approaches to the Early American Frontier
Gregory H. Nobles

Crafting a Usable Past: Consensus, Ideology, and Historians of the
American Revolution
Colin Gordon

Seeking the Divine Favor: Conversion and Church Admission in
Eastern Connecticut, 1711&#;1832
Stephen R. Grossbart

The New Divinity and the American Revolution
Mark Valeri

Notes and Documents

The Confederation&#;s Regulars: A Social Profile of Enlisted Service in
America’s First Standing Army
William B. Skelton

Samuel Stone&#;s “Discourse” against Requiring Church Relations
Baird Tipson


Reviews of Books

Work and Labor in Early America, ed. Innes. By Charles G. Steffen801

The Correspondence of Roger Williams. Vol. I: 1629&#;1653. Vol II: 1654–1682, ed. LaFantasie et al. By George Selement804

Shomette and Haslach, Raid on America: The Dutch Naval Campaign of 1672&#;1674. By Sari Hornstein806

Kornwolf, “So Good A Design:” The Colonial Campus of the College of William and Mary:Its History, Background, and Legacy. By Travis C. McDonald, Jr.808

Lee, The Philosophical Theology of Jonathan Edwards. By Clyde A. Holbrook810

Creel,“A Peculiar People”: Slave Religion and Community-Culture among the Gullahs. By Philip D. Morgan812

British Capitalism and Caribbean Slavery: The Legacy of Eric Williams, ed. Solow andEngerman. By James Walvin814

Seavey, Becoming Benjamin Franklin: The Autobiography and the Life. By Mitchell Breitwieser816

Egnal, A Mighty Empire: The Origins of the American Revolution. By Edward Countryman819

Higginbotham, War and Society in Revolutionary America: The Wider Dimensions of Conflict. By Richard K. Showman821

Tracy, Navies, Deterrence, and American Independence: Britain and Seapower in the 1760s and 1770s. By Julian Gwyn823

Ayer, Thomas Paine. By David A. Wilson826

Levy, Original Intent and the Framer&#;s Constitution. By H. Jefferson Powell828

Jillson, Constitution Making: Conflict and Consensus in the Federal Convention of 1787. By H. James Henderson830

Maine in the Early Republic: From Revolution to Statehood, ed. Clark, Leamon, and Bowden. By Gordon E. Kershaw832



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