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3D SER., 45, NO. 3 (JULY 1988)

Petitioning and the New Moral Economy of Post&#;Revolutionary America
Ruth Bogin

The Jay Treaty and British Ship Seizures: The Martinique Cases
Joseph M. Fewster

The Social and Ethnic Historiography of Colonial Latin America: The Last Twenty Years
John E. Kicza

Notes and Documents

Going Mr. Stoddard&#;s Way: William Williams on Church Privileges, 1693
Philip F. Gura

Security and Economy: The Bute Administration&#;s Plans for the American Army and Revenue, 1762&#;1763
John L. Bullion

The Cost of the British Army in North America, 1763&#;1775
Peter D. G. Thomas


Early American Emeriti II
John R. Alden, A. Owen Aldridge, Malcolm Freiberg, Philip S. Haffenden, Douglas Edward Leach, David S. Lovejoy,
Richard P. McCormick, Walter E. Minchinton,
David Beers Quinn, George C . Rogers. Jr., and Esmond Wright



Reviews of Books

Gilje, The Road to Mobocracy: Popular Disorder in New York City, 1763&#;1834. By Howard B. Rock589

Kolchin, Unfree Labor: American Slavery and Russian Serfdom. By Philip Morgan592

Hull, Female Felons: Women and Serious Crime in Colonial Massachusetts. By Toby L. Ditz594

Early American Indian Documents, Treaties, and Laws. 1607&#;1789, ed. Vaughan. Vol. IV: Virginia Treaties, 1607–1722. Vol. V: Virginia Treaties, 1723–1775. Vol. VI: Maryland Treaties, 1632–1775, ed. Robinson. By Helen C. Rountree596

Ritchie, Captain Kidd and the War against the Pirates. By James G. Lydon599

The Livingston Legacy: Three Centuries of American History, ed. Wiles and Zimmermann. By Jacob Judd601

Bosher, The Canada Merchants, 1713&#;1763. By Cameron Nish602

Bumsted, The People&#;s Clearance: Highland Emigration to British North America, 1770&#;1815. By Naomi E. S. Griffiths603

Bumsted, Land, Settlement, and Politics on Eighteenth-Century Prince Edward Island. By Naomi E. S. Griffiths603

Jimenez, Changing Faces of Madness: Early American Attitudes and Treatment of the Insane. By Jack D. Pressman606

Sainsbury, Disaffected Patriots: London Supporters of Revolutionary America, 1769&#;1782. By John L. Bullion608

Bradley, Popular Politics and the American Revolution in England: Petitions, the Crown, and Public Opinion. By John L. Bullion608

Roche, The Colonial Colleges in the War for American Independence. By Louis Leonard Tucker612

Deism, Masonry, and the Enlightenment: Essays Honoring Alfred Owen Aldridge, ed. Lemay. By Bruce Granger614

The American Revolution and Eighteenth-Century Culture: Essays from the 1976 Bicentennial Conference of the American Society for Eighteenth&#;Century Studies, ed. Korshin. By John E. Crowley616

Bradley, Church-State Relationships in America. By Thomas J. Curry618

McCaughey, Government by Choice: Inventing the United States Constitution. By Robert F. Jones619

Hodges, New York City Cartmen, 1667&#;1850. By Steven Rosswurm621

Shelton, The Mills of Manayunk: Industrialization and Social Conflict in the Philadelphia Region, 1787&#;1837. By Steven Rosswurm621


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