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3D SER., 44, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1987)

Gender and Defamation in Seventeenth&#;Century Maryland 
Mary Beth Norton

A “Man of Business”: The Widow of Means in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1750&#;1850 
Lisa Wilson Waciega

The Monroe&#;Pinkney Treaty of 1806: A Reappraisal 
Donald R. Hickey

Notes and Documents

Staying Put or Getting Out: Findings for Charles County, Maryland, 1650&#;1720 
Lorena S. Walsh

Observations of the Indians from Jasper Danckaerts&#;s Journal, 1679&#;1680 
Charles T. Gehring and Robert S. Grumet

A Great Awakening Conversion: The Relation of Samuel Belcher 
Kenneth P. Minkema


Reviews of Books

The Complete Works of Captain John Smith (1580&#;1631), ed. Barbour. By Irene W. D. Hecht 129

Gaspar, Bondsmen & Rebels: A Study of Master-Slave Relations in Antigua with Implications for Colonial British America. By Colin A. Palmer 133

McNeill, Atlantic Empires of France and Spain: Louisbourg and Havana, 1700&#;1763. By Allan J. Kuethe 134

Selement, Keepers of the Vineyard: The Puritan Ministry and Collective Culture in Colonial New England. By J. William T. Youngs 136

Soderlund, Quakers & Slavery: A Divided Spirit. By Owen S. Ireland139

Combs, Early Gravestone Art in Georgia and South Carolina. By David H. Watters 141

Wright, Franklin of Philadelphia. By J. A. Leo Lemay 143

Higginbotham, George Washington and the American Military Tradition. By Franklin B. Wickwire 146

Philip Mazzei: Selected Writings and Correspondence. Vol. I: 1765&#;1788Virginia&#;s Agent during the American Revolution. Vol. II: 1788–1791Agent for the King of Poland during the 
French Revolution
. Vol. III: 1792–1816World Citizen, ed. Marchione, Idzerda, and Scalia.
By Luca Codignola 148

Swanstrom, The United States Senate, 1787&#;1801: A Dissertation on the First Fourteen Years of the Upper Legislative Body. By Robert M. Johnstone150

The Naval War of 1812: A Documentary History. Vol. I: 1812, ed. Dudley and Crawford. By John K. Mahon 152

Robson, Educating Republicans: The College in the Era of the American Revolution, 1750&#;1800. By Steven J. Novak 155


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