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3D SER., 43, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1986)

Charles McLean Andrews and the Invention of American Colonial History
Richard R. Johnson

Tenancy in Colonial Pennsylvania: The Case of Chester County 
Lucy Simler

The Merchants of Port Royal, Jamaica, and the Spanish Contraband Trade, 1655&#;1692 
Nuala Zahedieh

Hugh Bryan and the Evangelical Movement in Colonial South Carolina 
Harvey H. Jackson

Notes and Documents

Enlisted Men in the United States Army, 1812&#;1815: 
A Preliminary Survey 
J. C. A. Stagg

“The Ten Thousand in America”: More Light on the Decision on the 
American Army, 1762&#;1763 
John L. Bullion


Reviews of Books

Axtell, The Invasion Within: The Contest of Cultures in Colonial North America. By Alden T. Vaughan 660

Breen, Tobacco Culture: The Mentality of the Great Tidewater Planters on the Eve of Revolution. By Peter S. Onuf 664

Hemphill, Virginia and the English Commericial System, 1689&#;1733: Studies in the Development and Fluctuations of a Colonial Economy under Imperial Control. By Marc Egnal 667

Bushman, King and People in Provincial Massachusetts. By John J. Waters 669

Landsman, Scotland and Its First American Colony, 1683&#;1765. By Peter O. Wacker 672

Reinhart, The Archaeology of Shirley Plantation. By Carter L. Hudgins 674

Smith, Slavery and Rice Culture in Low Country Georgia, 1750&#;1860. By Betty Wood 677

McDonald, Novus Ordo Seclorum: The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution. By Richard R. Beeman 679

Dull, A Diplomatic History of the American Revolution. By Gerard Clarfield 682

Peace and the Peacemakers: The Treaty of 1783, ed. Hoffman and Albert. By Gerard Clarfield 682

The Treaty of Paris (1783) in a Changing States System, ed. Gifford. By Gerard Clarfield 682


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