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3D SER., 43, NO. 1 (JANUARY 1986)

Jeffersonian Ideology Revisited: Liberal and Classical Ideas in the
New American Republic 
Lance Banning

Republicanism in Old and New Contexts 
Joyce Appleby

Patriots by Default: Queens County, New York, and the 
British Army, 1776&#;1783 
Joseph S. Tiedemann

The Last Phase of the Virginia-London Consignment Trade: James Buchanan & Co., 1758&#;1768 
Jacob M. Price

Notes and Documents

The Long and the Short of It: A Newspaper Exchange on the 
Massachusetts Charters, 1772 
Thomas S. Martin

Weaning among West Indian Slaves: Historical and Bioanthropological 
Evidence from Barbados 
Jerome S. Handler and Robert S. Corruccini


Reviews of Books

Webb, 1676: The End of American Independence. By John M. Murrin 119

Gura, A Glimpse of Sion&#;s Glory: Puritan Radicalism in New England, 1620&#;1660. By David D. Hall 124

Anderson, A People&#;s Army: Massachusetts Soldiers and Society in the Seven Years’ War. By Robert Middlekauff 127

Lovejoy, Religious Enthusiasm in the New World: Heresy to Revolution. By Edwin S. Gaustad 130

Diggins, The Lost Soul of American Politics: Virtue, Self-Interest, and the Foundations of Liberalism. By Joseph J. Ellis 133

Puckrein, Little England: Plantation Society and Anglo-Barbadian Politics, 1627&#;1700. By Richard Waterhouse 136

Heyrman, Commerce and Culture: The Maritime Communities of Colonial Massachusetts, 1690&#;1750. By Gary B. Nash 138

Breitwieser, Cotton Mather and Benjamin Franklin: The Price of Representative Personality. By Hugh J. Dawson 141

Lustig, Rober Hunter, 1666&#;1734: New York&#;s Augustan Statesman. By Sung Bok Kim 142

Forty Years of Diversity: Essays on Colonial Georgia, ed. Jackson and Spalding. By Robert S. Lambert 144

The Papers of Henry Bouquet, Vol. III: January 1, 1759&#;August 31, 1759. Vol. IV: September 1, 1759–August 31, 1760. Vol. V: September 1, 1760–October 31, 1761, ed. Kent, Waddell, et al. By Gregory L. Schaaf 147

Lawson, George Grenville: A Political Life. By Ian K. Steele 148

Martin, Minds and Hearts: The American Revolution as a Philosophical Crisis. By Ernest Cassara 150

Matthews, The Radical Politics of Thomas Jefferson: A Revisionist View. By Ernest Cassara 150

Pancake, This Destructive War: The British Campaign in the Carolinas, 1780&#;1782. By Richard J. Hargrove, Jr. 153

Command under Sail: Makers of the American Naval Tradition, 1775&#;1850, ed. Bradford. By Irving H. King 155

Ronda, Lewis and Clark among the Indians. By Francis Paul Prucha 157


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