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3D SER., 43, NO. 2 (APRIL 1986)

Assessing the Little Communities of Early America 
Darrett B. Rutman

Liberty, Development, and Union: Visions of the West in the 1780s 
Peter S. Onuf

“A Second and Glorious Reformation”: The New Light Extremism of Andrew Croswell 
Leigh Eric Schmidt

Notes and Documents

Regional Material Culture: A Review of “The Great River: 
Art and Society in the
Connecticut Valley, 1635&#;1820” 
Richard L. Bushman

George Washington&#;s “Marble colour’d folio Book”: A Newly Identified Ledger 
Joseph Horrell and Richard W. Oram

Letters from John Parke Custis to George and Martha Washington, 1778&#;1781 
Billy J. Harbin


Review of Books

Andrews, Trade, Plunder and Settlement: Maritime Enterprise and the Genesis of the British Empire, 1480&#;1630. By James Axtell 296

Quinn, Set Fair for Roanoke: Voyages and Colonies, 1584&#;1606. By Nicholas Canny 299

The Papers of James Madison. Vol. II: 7 March 1788&#;1 March 1789. Vol. 12: 2 March 1789–20 January 1790 with a Supplement 24 October 1775–24 January 1789. Vol. 13: 20 January 1790–31 March 1791, ed. Rutland, Hobson, Rachal, et al. Vol. 14: 6 April 1791–16 March 1793, ed. Rutland, Mason, et al. By Richard R. Beeman 301

The Papers of James Madison. Presidential Series. Vol. I: 1 March&#;30 September 1809, ed. Rutland, Mason, et al. By Richard R. Beeman 301

Main, Society and Economy in Colonial Connecticut. By Lynne Withey 305

Kelso, Kingsmill Plantations, 1619&#;1800: Archaeology of Country Life in Colonial Virginia. By Anne Yentsch 307

Scholten, Childbearing in American Society, 1650&#;1850. By Jan Lewis 310

Reinhold, Classica Americana: The Greek and Roman Heritage in the United States. By Paul A. Rahe 312

Davis, A Rumor of Revolt: The “Great Negro Plot” in Colonial New York. By Winthrop D. Jordan 315

Marietta, The Reformation of American Quakerism, 1748&#;1783. By Thomas Bassett 316

Woolverton, Colonial Anglicanism in North America. By Bruce E. Steiner 319

Hoffer, Revolution and Regeneration: Life Cycle and the Historical Vision of the Generation of 1776. By Joseph E. Illick 321

Condon, The Envy of the American States: The Loyalist Dream for New Brunswick. By Gordon T. Stewart 323

Ferguson, Law and Letters in American Culture. By Douglas Greenberg 325


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