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3D SER., 42, NO. 4 (OCTOBER 1985)

Thomas Jefferson&#;s Early Notebooks 
Douglas L. Wilson

The Crux of Politics: Religion and Party in Pennsylvania, 1778&#;1789 
O. S. Ireland

Maritime Maroons: Grand Marronage from the Danish West Indies 
N. A. T. Hall

Notes and Documents

“The Battle of Lexington”: A Patriotic Ballad by Lemuel Haynes 
Ruth Bogin

The Importation of African Slaves to the Potomac River, 1732&#;1772 
Donald M. Sweig

Reviews of Books

Wills, Cincinnatus: George Washington and the Enlightenment. By Lillian B. Miller 527

Randall, A Little Revenge: Benjamin Franklin and His Son. By Paul H. Smith 534

Virginia Slave-Trade Statistics, 1698-1775, ed. Minchinton, King, and Waite.By Donald M. Sweig 537

The History and Culture of Iroquois Diplomacy: An Interdisciplinary Guide to the Treaties of the Six Nations and Their League, ed. Jennning, Fenton, et al. By Donald H. Kent 539

Carp, To Starve the Army at Pleasure: Continental Army Administration and American Political Culture, 1775&#;1783. By David L. Ammerman 541

An Uncivil War: The Southern Backcountry during the American Revolution, ed. Hoffman, Tate, and Albert. By James P. Whittenburg 542

Aldridge, Thomas Paine&#;s American Ideology. By W. Bernard Peach 545

Steffen, The Mechanics of Baltimore: Worker and Politics in the Age of Revolution, 1763&#;1812. By Whitman H. Ridgway 546

Levy, Emergence of a Free Press. By James Morton Smith 549

Hartog, Public Property and Private Power: The Corporation of the City of New York in American Law, 1730&#;1870. By Herbert A. Johnson 551




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