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3D SER., 42, NO. 2 (APRIL 1985)

The Future of American Religious History: Prospectus, Agenda, Transatlantic Problématique 
Jon Butler

Bound for America: A Profile of British Convicts Transported to the Colonies, 1718&#;1775 
A. Roger Ekirch

The Organization of the Convict Trade to Maryland: 
Stevenson, Randolph and Cheston, 1768-1775 
Kenneth Morgan

Notes and Documents

Slaves of Colonial Virginia: Where They Came From 
Susan Westbury

The Allotment of Space for Slaves Aboard Eighteenth-Century British Slave Ships 
Charles Garland and Herbert S. Klein

Reviews of Books

Rutman and Rutman, A Place in Time. Vol. I: Middlesex County, Virginia, 1650&#;1760. By T. H. Breen 251

Vol. II: Explicatus By Robert E. Gallman 255

Davis, Slavery and Human Progress. By Carl N. Degler 259

Silverman, The Life and Times of Cotton Mather. By Charles E. Hambrick-Stowe 263

Malcolmson, Life and Labour in England, 1700&#;1780. By Marcus Rediker 267

Rule, The Experience of Labour in Eighteenth-Century English Industry. By Marcus Rediker 267

Dobson, Masters and Journeyman: A Prehistory of Industrial Relations, 1717&#;1800. By Marcus Rediker 267

Hoffer and Hull, Impeachment in America, 1635&#;1805. By James Haw 271

American Writers before 1800: A Biographical and Critical Dictionary, ed. Levernier and Wilmes. By Walter P. Wenska 273

American Writers before 1800: A Biographical and Critical Dictionary, ed.Levernier and Wilmes. By Walter P. Wenska 273

Weisman, Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion in 17th-Century Massachusetts. By Carol F. Karlsen 276

Shea, The Virginia Militia in the Seventeenth Century. By J. Frederick Fausz 279

Johnston, Religion in Life at Louisbourg, 1713&#;1758. By James Axtell 281

Wood, Slavery in Colonial Georgia, 1730&#;1775. By Peter H. Wood 282

Jones, The Salzburger Saga: Religious Exiles and Other Germans along the Savannah. By Harold E. Davis 284

Letter of Delegates to Congress, 1774&#;1789. Vol. III: January 1–May 15, 1776. Vol. IV: May 16–August 15, 1776. Vol. V: August 16–December 31, 1776. Vol. VI: January 1–April 30, 1777. Vol. VII: May 1–September 18, 1777. Vol. VIII: September 19, 1777–January 31, 1778. Vol. IX: February 1–May 31, 1778. Vol. X: June 1–September 30, 1778, ed. Smith et al. By Charles Royster 286

Thomas, Greener Pastures: The Loyalist Experience of Benjamin Ingraham. By Allan S. Everest 288

Lebsock, The Free Women of Petersburg: Status and Culture in a Southern Town, 1784&#;1860. By Marylynn Salmon 290

Williams, The Garden of American Methodism: The Delmarva Peninsula, 1769&#;1820. By John B. Frantz 292

Sanford, The Religious Life of Thomas Jefferson. By Catherine L. Albanese 294

Furtwangler, The Authority of Publius: A Reading of the Federalist Papers. By Robert J. Morgan 296

Epstein, The Political Theory of the Federalist. By Robert J. Morgan 296

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