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3D SER., 41, NO. 3 (JULY 1984)

Self-Sufficiency and the Agricultural Economy of Eighteenth&#;Century Massachusetts 
Bettye Hobbs Pruitt

Israel Potter: Genesis of a Legend 
David Chacko and Alexander Kulcsar

Slave Manumissions and Freedment in Seventeenth-Century Barbados 
Jerome S. Handler and John T. Pohlmann

Notes and Documents

Early American Emeriti: 
A Symposium of Experience and Evaluation 


Forty Years Back 
W. J. Eccles

A Retrospective View of Science, Technology, and Material Culture in Early American History 
Brooke Hindle

The Discovery of Americans 
Francis Jennings

Main-Traveled Roads 
Jackson Turner Main

History over Time 
Richard B. Morris

Howard H. Peckham

One Historian&#;s Educations 
Robert J. Taylor

Reviews of Books

Columbia Broadcasting System Television Network, “George Washington.” By Virginia K. Bartlett 489

Howard, New York and the China Trade. By Jacob Judd 493

Innes, Labor in a New Land: Economy and Society in Seventeenth-Century Springfield. By Daniel Vickers 495

Ordinary People and Everyday Life: Perspectives on the New Social History, ed. Gardner and Adams. By Lois Green Carr 499

Weir, Colonial South Carolina: A History. By Rachel N. Klein 503

Kross, The Evolution of an American Town: Newtown, New York, 1642&#;1775. By Gregory H. Nobles 506

Nobles, Divisions Throughout the Whole: Politics and Society in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, 1740&#;1775. By Richard D. Brown 508

Proceedings and Debates of the British Parliaments respecting North America, 1754&#;1783. Volume I:1754–1764, ed. Simmons and Thomas. By Julian Gwyn 510

Hanley, Revolutionary Statesman: Charles Carroll and the War. By David Curtis Skaggs 511

Grundfest, George Clymer: Philadelphia Revolutionary, 1739&#;1813. By Roland M. Baumann 513

Lewis, The Pursuit of Happiness: Family and Values in Jefferson&#;s Virginia. By Jay Fliegelman 516

Jordan, Political Leadership in Jefferson&#;s Virginia. By Robert E. Shalhope 518

Stagg, Mr. Madison&#;s War: Politics, Diplomacy, and Warfare in the Early American Republic, 1783&#;1830. By Bradford Perkins 519

Egan, Neither Peace Nor War: Franco-American Relations, 1803&#;1812. By Albert Hall Bowman 522

Hatzenbuehler and Ivie,Congress Declares War: Rhetoric, Leadership, and Partisanship in the Early Republic. By Rudolph M. Bell 524

Edmunds, The Shawnee Prophet. By Charles Callender 526

Phillips, Jedidiah Morse and New England Congregationalism. By John Andrew 528

Atlas of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, ed. Moulton. By James P. Ronda 530

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